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the process of regularly changing the person who does a particular job, so that it is done at different times by different people:
An incremental navigation formula used the information about 3 possible rotations of the toàn thân in relation to a nonmoving world frame.
Therefore, future retìm kiếm should focus on energy production of integrated versus grain-based rotations where different proportions of the grain crops are used for livestock feed.
On the fifth farm, this pattern was isolated in two houses in consecutive sầu rotations during spring and summer 1998.
One issue is the representation of the rigid body toàn thân motions of rotations and translations as elements within the algebra.
The ayên is to lớn minimise this performance measure, và it has certain symmetries, namely rotations, reflections, and permutations of the hydrophone positions.
Existing approaches define penetration depth strictly in the translational sense and might not handle the object rotations properly.
Studies for soil unique assessment production is reduced and organic matter declined in all rotations.
They used a wavelet approach that is scale-independent and therefore constrained their similarity measure lớn consider only object rotations.
In addition, a limited number of field studies have sầu confirmed the ability of brassicas in rotations to suppress weeds22-24, nematodes25 và fungal pathogens26.
Furthermore, the order of the cases now becomes significant since the rules for single & double rotations assume that the red parent"s sibling is blaông chồng.
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Các từ hay được thực hiện cùng rất rotation.

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If our proposed model for the differential rotation is correct then the effective viscosity at the outer core can be obtained from (3).
Results were expressed in terms of flexion/extension, adduction/ abduction và internal/external rotation.
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