Web Search, Custom Search & Urls/History


The Web Search feature makes it easy to quickly launch website searches from Alfred. We provide a wide range of default web searches for popular sites from Google and Twitter lớn Amazon và Wikipedia.

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Want khổng lồ add a niđậy site you love? You can add your own custom searches. You can also ask Alfred to remember past URLs you"ve typed with URLs & History.

On this Feature page, you"ll find out more about:

Default Web Searches

Alfred is great for launching applications on your desktop. But he"s also great for helping you tìm kiếm the website much more efficiently than if you were khổng lồ manually click on a browser inhỏ in your Dochồng và only then start typing in your search terms.


To take advantage of this feature, simply start your search with the specified từ khóa. For example, if you want to lớn tìm kiếm Google Maps, start with "maps" followed by your desired tìm kiếm term.


The mặc định web searches are all https (indicated by the green padloông xã icon) & include the following sites and services: Google Search, Google"s I"m Feeling Lucky, Google Images, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Google Translate, Gmail (xuất hiện and search), Google Drive sầu (xuất hiện & search), Twitter (mở cửa and tìm kiếm for users or tweets), Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDB, eBay, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Wolfram, Yubnub, DuckDuckGo, Weather Underground, Rotten Tomatoes, Pinterest, và finally Alfred Help Site search!

Modifying default website searches

The từ khóa for your searches are fully customisable. Launch Alfred"s preferences to lớn Features > Web Search, double-cliông chồng on the keywords you wish to lớn change and type in your new preferred keyword.

Default web searches can"t be deleted, so khổng lồ disable a mặc định tìm kiếm you don"t want to lớn see, uncheck the "Enabled" box.

Custom Searches

Custom searches allow you lớn setup tìm kiếm queries for sites you use regularly, but are not included in Alfred"s mặc định searches.


Using OpenSearch and SearchAction

If you"re lucky, the site you want to add a custom search for may support OpenSearch và Searchkích hoạt standards, in which case clicking "Lookup" at the right end of your Search URL bar will discover the custom search format for you.

Adding a Custom Search URL manually

If the site doesn"t tư vấn the standards above, adding a custom search manually is easy too; Find out the tìm kiếm URL on the site of your choice, then replace the query with query in curly brackets. Use the thử nghiệm tìm kiếm to lớn ensure your search works as expected then click "Save" lớn add your new query.


Custom Search fields

Search URL: This is where Alfred goes when you use the keywords that you have sầu assigned to lớn this custom tìm kiếm. query is what you want to lớn search for in that specific application or website.

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Title: What is displayed in the results when you use your keyword.Keyword: The keyboard shortcut that you want lớn use to call up this custom search.Encode query using UTF8: This option helps if you"re using non-standard characters. Try ticking it if your query didn"t work the first time.

To hide a custom search you no longer need, either unkiểm tra the "Enabled" box, or select the custom tìm kiếm row và press backspace lớn delete it.

For more details, take a look at our tutorial on creating your own custom searches.

URLs & History

Alfred will recognise URLs when they are typed into the search box, to help you quickly launch websites. Simply type google.co.uk and he"ll launch it for you!

Powerpack users can choose to store & show the history of URLs they"ve sầu previously pasted inlớn Alfred. This can be enabled under Features > Web Search > URLs / History.

The URLs will be removed if they"re not used for a given period of time, which can be mix to 1 week, 1 month, 3 months or a year. You can also clear single items from the menu by selecting them và pressing backspace, or fully clear your history by clicking the "Clear" button in the bottom right corner.


You can search the URLs using the tìm kiếm box in the top right, or sort them by URL or last date accessed by clicking on the column header.

Saving URLs for future use:

Need to lớn save URLs or bits of text for a long time? Take a look at Snippets where you can save text snippets in Alfred for quiông xã access later.

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