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A Defect nhận xét SEM is a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) that is configured to review defects found on a wafer. A defect detected by a semiconductor wafer defect inspection system is enlarged using an Review SEM lớn a high magnification image so that it can be reviewed and classified. A Defect nhận xét SEM is mainly used together with the inspection systems in the production lines of electronic devices and other semiconductors.

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Sometimes a defect on a wafer cannot be found using the position information in the defect data file. Because of various errors, it is not easy lớn find a defect using the position information alone. In a defect inspection system, the defective image is compared with the adjacent die image (reference image) và the defect is detected due khổng lồ the image difference (difference image processing). The Đánh Giá SEM, similar lớn the defect inspection system, detects the defect by comparison with the circuit pattern of the adjacent die và obtains the correct position of the defect. The defect is then moved lớn the center of the field of view và an enlarged phokhổng lồ is taken of it. In the case of Memory IC"s defect nhận xét, in which cell patterns are arranged repeatedly, the image of the minimum unit of a cell is registered as the reference image in advance. One method of detecting a defect on the reviews SEM is to compare the image of the defect with the reference image using difference image processing. This method can tốc độ up the defect detection on the review SEM because multiple sections can be compared with the same reference image.

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ADR stands for Automatic Defect review. The ayên ổn of the Defect Reviews is to observe sầu, classify and analyze the shape and components of the defect & particles detected by wafer inspection system in greater detail. Automatic Defect Review automatically obtains image of the desired defect using the defect information (coordinates, etc.) obtained in defect inspection. The data is stored & arranged inlớn a database. In Defect reviews SEM, an image of the defect is automatically obtained và stored using the ADR function.

ADC stands for Automatic Defect Classification. The image information of the defect stored in the image VPS is classified according lớn the cause of the defect by the classification software based on the predetermined rules and is then restored in the classification server. The classified information is sent to lớn Yield Management System (YMS) and the host computer of the IC manufacturer so that it can be used in the failure và defect analysis. Some systems can classify defects using ADC in conjunction with the ADR function of the Defect đánh giá SEM. The defect information obtained by ADR can also be classified collectively at a later stage.