Spring 2017 Semester Video


Need help getting started with Clip marketing? It is one of the hardest things for many businesses khổng lồ start learning, but it isn't as hard as it sounds! You can vày it.

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Below are seven quiông xã videos that can help you start coming up with nội dung ideas, setting up a YouTube channel, choosing keyword for optimization (và ideation), creating scripts, uploading, setting up ads, và measuring results. 

Video 1. Intro

You will learn:

Why video marketing is crucial for your business.

How videos can take you to khổng lồ the top of SERPs.

How to lớn find video nội dung ideas.

Video 2. How to lớn Set Up Your YouTube Channel

You will learn:

How lớn create a header & thumbnails for your channel.

How khổng lồ phối playlists và add branding lớn your videos.

What you need to get a custom channel URL & start monetizing your videos.

Video 3. thangvi.com Keyword Magic Tool Tutorial for Video Marketing

You will learn:

How khổng lồ piông xã the right keywords for your đoạn Clip nội dung.

What từ khoá difficulty is and which KD khổng lồ alặng for.

Why question keyword are your traffic goldmine.

Video 4. How to Upload a Video

You will learn:

How khổng lồ create an optimized title & mô tả tìm kiếm.

How lớn add cards & over screens to your videos.

Why it is important to lớn cốt truyện your video clip on different platforms.

Video 5. 60-second Video Ad

You will learn:

Why 60 seconds is an optimal length for a video clip ad.

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Which channels to choose.

How to lớn write a script.

Video 6. $10/day Video Ads

You will learn:

Which type of Clip ads khổng lồ choose for your business.

Why it is important to lớn use đoạn Clip rekinh doanh.

How lớn set up your first đoạn phim ad chiến dịch.

Video 7. Results

You will learn:

How khổng lồ measure your ads' performance.

Why impressions are as important as conversions.

How much revenue remarketing can generate.

And done!

Thank you for watching this video sale crash course. Please give us your tips, experiences, strategies, và questions in the comments below.

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Uzair KharawalaI run SF Digital Studgame ios along with my wife Farzamãng cầu. The business was set up in 2002 and we specialise in Google AdWords & YouTube đoạn Clip marketing. I'm a Google Partner & YouTube Certified.I love sầu Cricket & Photography and follow Chelsea FC.
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