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Bạn đang xem: Tiktok faces bans around the world

Original story (from Jan 03, 2020):

Video-sharing social networking service TikTok took the internet by storm, giving users a platform to lớn showcase their creativity through a 15 second short video clip. Surpassing popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & YouTube, the app became the most downloaded phầm mềm in the US, baông xã in September, 2018.

And then spread lượt thích wildfire, the rumors about TikTok breathing its last and shutting down on October 26 (2018). Soon as the matter caught heat, the app’s official Twitter handle announced they were not bidding adieu and outrightly rejected the rumors.


TikTok’s popularity story didn’t kết thúc there. Recently, a report by App Annie ranked TikTok at the seventh spot among muốn the 10 most-downloaded apps of the decade including names lượt thích Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype and others.

Cut khổng lồ now. A few weeks later, user queries about whether TikTok is shutting down in 20đôi mươi have once again begun to lớn surface. But why now all of a sudden? After all, there ain’t any smoke without fire.

Here’s a crux of the article in a short video (DisclaimerIt’s an old video):

US Army has banned TikTok

A few weeks baông chồng, it came khổng lồ light that the US Navy has banned TikTok from the government-issued thiết bị di động devices, calling it a cybersecurity threat. After an investigation by the US intelligence officials, last month (Dec, 2019), the army initially advised soldiers not to use the ứng dụng, following which they prohibited the same.

As per reports, army spokeswoman Lt. Col. Robin Ochoa shared the phầm mềm is “is considered a cyber threat” và won’t be allowed “on government phones.” Meaning, using the phầm mềm on personal phones shouldn’t be a problem for the army personnel.

Coincidentally, ever since the news about the app’s ban by the US army came khổng lồ light, queries about ‘Tik Tok shutting down for real’ began khổng lồ populate. But as far as we can see, there’s no official confirmation about the app’s closure as yet.


The official channels or social truyền thông media handles of the app haven’t yet spoken about or addressed the newest shutdown rumors like the way they addressed them baông chồng in 2018. Considering the app’s popularity, we doubt it’s going away anytime soon.

Until TikTok officially confirms the closure rumors, it’s safe to assume that the popular Chinese social media tiện ích ain’t going anywhere. Rest assured, we’ll be keeping a tab on all the official sources to lớn nói qua with you the official statement, if at all there comes any. Till then, happy TikToking!


Update 1 (Jan 08)

It’s worth noting that apart from reports about TikTok’s ban by the US army, some other stuff has also been going on. During the same time reports about ByteDance considering selling the phầm mềm.

However, a ByteDance spokesperson outrightly rejected the rumors saying that “these rumors are completely meritless” & there have sầu “been no discussions about any partial or full sale of TikTok.”

It could be that while supressing the cybersecurity concerns of the phầm mềm, ByteDance might be silently working on another plan by weighing the app’s stake sale. But what exacty is going behind the scenes, there’s yet to lớn come clarity about it.

Anyway, khổng lồ wrap up on a happy note, it’s good lớn see that TikTok’s chinese kin Douyin now has 400 million daily active users.

Update 2 (April 01)

It appears that Tik Tok is down for many in the US and other regions. Apart from user reports on Twitter regarding videos taken down or disappearsed, Down detector also conveys the service is encountering an outage. Take a look at what some users have khổng lồ say:

Why did #TikTok take down everyone’s videos besides the ones with millions of views hmmm Thinking facesource

Tiktok is either down, or pullin’ a terrible April Fool’s. My tiktoks wont post, & no one can see my stuff Flushed face#tiktokdownsource

#tiktok is down & every đoạn Clip I post isn’t being shown khổng lồ people / when I skết thúc it to friends, it shows them that “the video clip was taken down” this is TOM FOOLERY.source

Update 3 (July 07)

Following a skirmish with the Chinese army at border, India recently banned Tik Tok and 58 other apps (the danh sách includes several other major Chinese titles as well). And now, news reports are pouring in that the US could be next in line to ban TikTok.

There were also reports that the Bytedance-owned app could face the same fate in Australia as well, but the company has denied it for now.

Update 4 (July 08)

Senator Rick Scott has also weighed in on the TikTok shutdown situation in the US. Here’s what he Tweeted a few hours ago:


In case you missed, Tik Tok has withdrawn from Hongkong. ByteDance, the company behind the ứng dụng said they have decided to lớn stop operations of the ứng dụng in the region. This came shortly after China imposed a new national security law in HongKong.

Update 5 (July 09)

Will TikTok get banned in the UK as well? While there’s nothing official on this, news outlets from the country – who reached out khổng lồ industry experts – say a TikTok ban in the UK is plausible, although less likely.

Update 6 (July 10)

Following ban in India, and similar situation brewing in the US, ByetDance, the company behind TikTok, has said that it’s considering a revamp in the corporate structure of its tiện ích business. More info here.

Update 7 (July 12)

Indian government has asked 79 questions to lớn companies operating TikTok and other recently-banned apps in the country. If they fail lớn respond by July 22, the apps may be permanently banned. More here.

Update 8 (July 13)

It’s now coming to light that not only countries, but even companies, organizations, và institutions have sầu also started banning TikTok. Wells Fargo in the US has sent out a note to employees asking them lớn remove sầu the app from their devices. Even Amazon banned the ứng dụng for a brief period.

The Republican National Committee và The Democratic National Committee (DNC) have sầu also issued similar notices. For detailed report, head here.

Update 9 (July 14)

This report details how users across countries are using workarounds to use TikTok even if it has been officially banned in their region.

Update 10 (July 15)

In the US, White House adviser Peter Navarro has now weighed in on the TikTok ban speculations, saying he expects president Trump khổng lồ take a “svào action” against Chinese apps like Tik Tok và WeChat. He also called the Tik Tok American CEO as a “puppet” working in the company.

Peter made the comments in an interview with Fox News.

Update 11 (July 17)

Mark Meadows, who is chief of staff at the Nhà Trắng in the US, has said that the concerns related to lớn Chinese apps lượt thích Tik Tok are being examined by a number of administration officials. He further said a concrete decision may be taken on this within weeks.

I don’t think there’s any self-imposed deadline for action, but I think we are looking at weeks, not months

Meanwhile, as many as 25 members of the US Congress have sầu urged President Trump to lớn take svào action against Chinese apps lượt thích TikTok. More on that here.

Update 12 (July 19)

There were reports over this weekover that TikTok may distance itself from its Chinese ownership và have its headquarters in the UK. However, now it’s being reported that this plan has been shelved due khổng lồ a kind of economic war that has erupted between Đài Loan Trung Quốc and Britain after the latter ordered the removal of China-based Huawei’s equipment from the country’s điện thoại networks in the coming years.

Meanwhile, BBC is reporting that the plan has been shelved due to pressure from the US. The report says the US would only allow TikTok to lớn be operational in the country if it completely splits from its Chinese owner ByteDance and becomes a US-based company.

Update 13 (July 21)

TikTok may have sầu carried out front-page advertisement in Australia saying the app should not be used as a “political football”, but that’s apparently not enough lớn stop the country from scrutinizing the tiện ích over privacy và security issues.

Here’s what the Australian Prime Minister said recently:

If we consider there is a need lớn take further action than we are taking now, then I can tell you we won`t be shy about it

More on this here.

Update 14 (July 22)

After banning the app Bingo over vulgar content, the Pakistung government has served notice to lớn TikTok owner ByteDance over similar concerns. Here’s what the country’s telecom authority said in a tweet:

On complaints of immoral, obscene and vulgar nội dung, streaming ứng dụng Bigo has been blocked in Pakistung. TikTok has also been served with final warning on same grounds

Update 15 (July 27)

A bill to lớn ban TikTok on government devices was passed in the US a few days ago. The proposal by Rep. Kenneth Robert Buck was added as an amendment lớn the annual defense policy. More on this here.

Update 16 (August 01)

Looks like it’s now happening for sure. If you are a TikTok tín đồ in the US, there’s bad news for you. The country will likely ban the phầm mềm soon. This time, the information came directly from the horse’s mouth. Here’s what President Trump said while speaking to reporters today:

As far as TikTok is concerned we’re banning them from the United States

The ban is likely to come through an executive order, or by using emergency economic powers. This comes shortly after there were reports that Bytedance – the Chinese company behind the the app – may be forced to lớn sell TikTok’s US operations to an American company. In fact, Microsoft’s name was doing the rounds since yesterday.

But with this straight talk, President Trump has seemingly made it clear that the US wants lớn see the app banned their country. More on this here.

Update 17 (August 01)

In a surprising new development, it’s now being reported that TikTok owner ByteDance has decided to sell off its US operations. According khổng lồ a fresh Reuters report, the divestment move may see Microsoft taking over the charge of TikTok’s user data in the US, & some other American company taking over Tik Tok’s US operations.

The report further says those ByteDance investors who are based in the US may be allowed lớn have sầu minority stake as part of the deal.

Update 18 (August 02)

Well, things are seemingly going back-and-forth as far as the future of TikTok in the US is concerned. Reason being, reports are now saying the Microsoft-TikTok khuyễn mãi giảm giá has been put on hold. It’s still not clear why this has happened, although rumor mills are abuzz that this is just a ploy to lớn get Microsoft a better giảm giá khuyến mãi.

Meanwhile, here’s what a Nhà Trắng spokesperson said on Saturday:

The administration has very serious national security concerns over TikTok. We continue to evaluate future policy

More on this here.

Update 19 (August 03)

Microsoft has now given an official word on the matter. In a blog post on its corporate website, the company says it’s actively pursuing the deal now after CEO Satya Nadella’s conversation with President Donald Trump.

Although there’s still no guarantee that the khuyễn mãi giảm giá would happen, but in case it happens (which seems likely now), all the formalities would be completed by September 15. Also, the khuyến mãi would see Microsoft taking over TikTok user data security not only in the US, but in Canada, nước Australia, and New Zeal& as well.

More on this here.

Update 20 (August 04)

US President Donald Trump has said TikTok would be banned in case no khuyễn mãi giảm giá is reached by September 15. In addition, he also said the US government should get a substantial cut in terms of money if any American company buys TikTok.

Xem thêm: Cập Nhật: Lịch Khuyến Mãi Viettel Tháng 5/2021 Mới Nhất 2021

Meanwhile, state-run Chinese media has termed these ongoing developments as the “theft” of a Chinese giải pháp công nghệ company và said Đài Loan Trung Quốc has many options khổng lồ respond if such a “smash và grab” khuyễn mãi giảm giá actually happens. More on this here.

Update 21 (August 07)

President Trump has signed an executive order that bans US transactions with ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns TikTok. The order comes into effect after 45 days, which means in the second half of September. The order also puts similar restrictions on Tencent, which is the Chinese owner of the application WeChat.

And in a fresh development, it’s now being reported that TikTok may take legal route in response lớn the order.

Update 22 (August 24)

Tik Tok announced it’s dragging the US government lớn court, saying the company doesn’t agree with the ‘national security’ related allegations made against the phầm mềm.

We strongly disagree with the Administration’s position that TikTok is a national security threat & we have sầu articulated these objections previously

You can kiểm tra out the complete announcement here.

Update 23 (August 27)

TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer, a former Disney executive who assumed the role just over 3 months ago, has quit the job. In a note khổng lồ employees, which was obtained by The Thành Phố New York Times, Kevin clearly hinted that the current political situation facing the company/ứng dụng played a significant role in hlặng reaching this decision.

Update 24 (September 14)

According khổng lồ a new report, ByteDance has picked Oracle over Microsoft as its technology partner to lớn manage TikTok’s U.S user data. Therefore, TikTok’s U.S operations will not be sold to Oracle or Microsoft for that matter if the new khuyễn mãi giảm giá goes through.

Update 25 (September 16)

A recent report suggests that TikTok’s global business will be established in a new U.S-headquartered company in which Oracle will have a minority stake. Like we stated earlier, Oracle will be responsible for handling American users’ data.

Update 25 (September 17)

It appears that ByteDance’s giảm giá with Oracle has not satisfied President Trump’s demands since it’s unclear whether the ‘partnership’ will resolve the U.S. national security concerns. A report from Bloomberg suggests that the discussion between the parties involved is still underway và President Trump isn’t ready lớn sign off on the deal.

Update 26 (September 18)

The US government has announced that TikTok along with another popular Chinese ứng dụng WeChat will be removed from Google & Apple app stores this coming Sunday.

For WeChat, more restrictions would be in place Sunday onward, including ban on payment processing, fund transfer, và more (like prohibiting any company in the US lớn provide hosting & CDoanh Nghiệp services to lớn the app).

TikTok will also face similar restrictions, but from November 12 onward. More on this lakiểm tra development here.

Update 27 (September 19)

Vanessa Pappas, Tik Tok’s interim CEO has approached platforms lượt thích Facebook và Instagram lớn help them fight against the ban in the US, which will prohibit users from downloading the ứng dụng starting tomorrow (i.e. Sept 20). Here’s what Vanessa said:

We agree that this type of ban would be bad for the industry. We invite Facebook và Instagram lớn publicly join our challenge and tư vấn our litigation. This is a moment lớn put aside our competition & focus on core principles like freedom of expression and due process of law.

Update 28 (September 20)

Good news for millions of TikTok users and fans in the US. President Trump has now said the TikTok giảm giá khuyến mãi with US companies Oracle and Walmart has “his blessings”. He further said:

I approve sầu the khuyến mãi in concept

More on this here.

Update 29 (September 21)

ByteDance claims that it is not aware of the $5 billion education fund which is supposedly part of the giảm giá according lớn President Donald Trump. With this new giảm giá, ByteDance will own 80% of TikTok Global & the ứng dụng will be its subsidiary & Oracle & Walmart get 12.5% và 7.5% stake in the company respectively suggests a recent report.

Further, another report suggests that TikTok Global is going lớn kick-start a small round of pre-IPO financing. As for WeChat, a U.S. judge has blocked the administration’s order which required Apple and Google to lớn remove the app from the digital ứng dụng stores. More on that here.

Update 30 (September 22)

A fresh report suggests that US President Donald Trump has vowed to lớn block any đơn hàng that will allow TikTok’s parent company — ByteDance — to retain any control over the Global business. Oracle also shed some light on the khuyễn mãi giảm giá claiming that ByteDance will have no ownership in TikTok Global.

Update 31 (September 23)

The US & the Chinese government are still at loggerheads over the sale of TikTok’s global business. An editorial in Trung Quốc Daily calls the giảm giá khuyến mãi “dirty” and “unfair” & that Đài Loan Trung Quốc has no reason to lớn approve of the khuyễn mãi giảm giá. The khuyến mãi is still on the table but all the parties involved have sầu not yet approved of it.

Update 32 (September 24)

Reportedly, ByteDance on Wednesday asked a federal judge to lớn temporarily block President Donald Trump from enforcing a ban on the application which would require companies such as Google and Apple lớn remove TikTok from their tiện ích stores in the U.S. this weekkết thúc.

Update 33 (September 25)

A federal judge has asked the Justice Department lawyers khổng lồ tệp tin a brief by Friday at 2:30 p.m. EDT arguing against the injunction by ByteDance which seeks khổng lồ bloông xã the TikTok ban by the Trump Administration. If not, the administration will have sầu to lớn postpone the ban, according khổng lồ a report.

Update 34 (September 26)

The Trump Administration is trying to thwart any attempts made by ByteDance khổng lồ block the order which will result in TikTok being banned from tiện ích stores this Sunday in the U.S.

A new report suggests that the administration has told a court that the ban must be put inlớn effect as ordered earlier since there is no proof that the ban will cause any permanent damages lớn the company.

Update 35 (September 28)

According khổng lồ a report from Nlăng xê, a federal judge blocked President Trump’s TikTok ban which would have sầu resulted in the phầm mềm being pulled from all phầm mềm stores in the U.S at 11:59 pm in Washington on Sunday.

Further, it seems that this setbachồng isn’t going khổng lồ stop the Trump administration from continuing with the legal battle. And TikTok will not be banned at least until a full court hearing.

Update 36 (October 07)

A U.S. judge stated that they would carry out a hearing on Nov. 4 in order to lớn decide whether lớn allow the U.S. government khổng lồ bar transactions with TikTok. If the over decision favors the administration, it would mean that TikTok will be forced to shut down operations in the U.S. according lớn Reuters.

Update 37 (October 10)

Amid the ongoing effort to lớn stay unbanned in the U.S., TikTok has received another blow since the phầm mềm has now been banned in Pakistung citing “immoral và indecent” content in the phầm mềm according to the Pakistung Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Update 38 (October 15)

A U.S. appeals court has agreed to lớn fast-traông xã an appeal from the Justice Department of a ruling which has blocked the administration from banning TikTok from ứng dụng stores. A hearing is phối to lớn take place on November 4 which will determine the fate of the phầm mềm according to a report.

Update 39 (October 19)

The TikTok ban in Pakischảy has reportedly been lifted after the company promised that it will moderate accounts in accordance with local laws. Therefore, any unlawful content is subject lớn be removed in the country.

Update 40 (October 27)

The Trump administration is now trying to persuade the judge in the TikTok case to lớn give the go-ahead for the administration khổng lồ ban the application in the U.S. on November 12.

In its defense, TikTok claims that user data is stored on servers in Singapore and the U.S. and thus no user information is shared with Chinese authorities according khổng lồ a recent report.

Update 41 (November 05)

A U.S. judge reportedly stated that he was unsure if he had the legal basis to lớn issue a new injunction against the government in the TikTok case. Further, U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols is doubtful that TikTok will be able to lớn prove sầu that the ban will cause “irreparable harm”.

On Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Wendy Beetlestone issued an order preventing the Commerce Department from banning the ứng dụng in the country. And the government is yet to lớn make an appeal. Therefore, the matter could still go either way.

Update 42 (November 06)

The outcome of the 20đôi mươi U.S. elections will likely decide the fate of TikTok. President Trump has been all in for the banning of TikTok in the country citing security concerns & has also vowed lớn “vigorously defend” its attempts khổng lồ ban the phầm mềm in the country.

While there is no projected winner yet, if the sitting President does not secure his second term, it’s likely that the ban may be called off. However, if President Trump is declared the winner in the elections, TikTok may eventually be banned as highlighted by a report.

Update 43 (November 11)

Apparently, the U.S. government seems khổng lồ have forgotten about the TikTok ban amidst the ongoing election. TikTok has thus filed a petition in a US Court of Appeals for it to Reviews the actions by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).

According to TikTok, they have sầu not heard baông chồng from the committee regarding the approaching deadline for ByteDance khổng lồ sell its assets in the U.S. Hence, it’s not clear what will happen after November 12, which is the deadline.

TikTok has applied for a 30-day extension but the CFIUS is yet to lớn approve sầu or make any decision regarding the extension according to a report from The Verge.

Update 44 (November 23)

According khổng lồ U.S. National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, Trump’s attempts to ban popular Chinese apps such as WeChat and TikTok in the country will “ultimately” succeed.

However, things might take a U-turn if Joe Biden takes office on January 20 since he has promised to lớn reviews security risks surrounding the TikTok app as per a new report.

Update 45 (November 26)

ByteDance has, once again, got an extension on its deadline lớn sell its U.S. business. This time, a seven-day extension has been granted khổng lồ the company by CFIUS which ends on December 4.

The previous deadline was due khổng lồ experience in November and thus the company has a few more days lớn consider its options as per a report.

Update 46 (December 05)

The deadline, which was December 04, for TikTok to sell off its U.S. business has passed but ByteDance has not yet made any final giảm giá. And the deadline will not be extended any further according to lớn CNN tech reporter — Brian Fung.