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Introduction - The Need for SEO và Keywords

The benefit from our company owning such a keyword-rich domain name like The Big Gay Wedding Directory is obvious. It’s the fasthử nghiệm way khổng lồ describe what we vì, & the name speaks for itself in conversation & SEO optimisation. Although your company name may not the words Same Sex, Gay , lesbian etc in its title finding traffic-driving wedding từ khóa that are not too crazy competitive or saturated can be truly challenging so we would recommkết thúc trying to gain visibility for these types of tìm kiếm phrases as soon as possible. It’s just a matter of time before your competition jumps in so take advantage of the opportunity before they jump on the "SEO bandwagon"!


At a recent meeting with a potential client ( they now advertise with us ) they expressed their confusion behind keywords for same sex weddings /weddings in general và which ones they should be using.

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In this quiông xã 6-minute đoạn Clip above,it demonstrates the proper & most effective way to lớn choose SEO keywords for your wedding business. We can then tailor the Keywords for same sex weddings .

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Ready? Let’s go!

What vì your customers tìm kiếm for?

Think about the words and phrases people will use lớn look for your hàng hóa or service. TIP. - write them down - you probably won"t remember all of them

You will generally have:

Core words or phrases that describe your basic product/service, e.g. same sex wedding cakeDescriptive words, e.g. chocolate, gluten-không tính phí, cheap, luxuryLocations e.g Oxford, Devon,

There will be variations and alternative ways of phrasing things – “Same sex wedding venue”, “Venue for same sex wedding ”, “venue for gay wedding”, “venue for Lesbian wedding”for example – write them all down on your list.

Which are most popular?

We found that google has a handy từ khoá planning toolwhich you can use to discover which phrases are most popular. You will need khổng lồ create a Google Adwords tài khoản lớn use it – but dont worry, you don’t need to run any adverts with them to lớn use the tool.

You can also use this to lớn give sầu you different ideas and possibly words you haven’t thought of before.

You’ll probably need to leave out locations when using the tool – the volumes will just be too low. But it can give you a useful indicator as khổng lồ whether “wedding photographer” or “wedding photography” is more popular.

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Try phrases which are a little more specific by adding locations and/or words which reflect the Same Sex Wedding Market.

“Same Wedding Cakes London ” or “Gluten-không tính phí Same Sex wedding cakes London”

Other acronyms lớn add to lớn your Corewords or phrases could be:

Gay Wedding, Same Sex Wedding, Lesbian Wedding, LGBT Wedding, LGBTQ Wedding, Same Sex Marriage.

TOPhường. TIP:Remember và add your location too.


And if you want to check where your own trang web currently ranks, then you mustbởi vì a “de-personalised” tìm kiếm. There are various ways khổng lồ vày this –check out this article for some options.

Many wedding businesses are tricked inkhổng lồ thinking they have sầu better ranking on pages like Google & Bing than they actually vì chưng – because Google will give sầu a boost to sites you visit often.