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The Coca-Cola Company, one of the world"s largest multinational corporationsin the non-alcoholic beverage space, is known for its innovative kinh doanh initiatives. In năm trước, it launched its "Share a Coke" campaign, in which it replaced its iconic brand name with one of the 250 most popular American names on the labels of 20-ounce bottles.

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Consumers were encouraged lớn find bottles with names that held personal meaning khổng lồ them, cốt truyện them with friends & family, then tweet about their experiences using the hashtag #ShareaCoke.

Consumers were prompted to convey a personal experience on social truyền thông. They posted 500,000 photos.Your name on a Coke bottle? That"s personalization!"Share a Coke" is pure call-to-action advertising.The campaign continues to lớn evolve sầu in creative ways.

1. Consumers Are Prompted to Create Online Media Content

Coca-Colaempowered consumers lớn discuss the sản phẩm on social truyền thông media platforms in a way that puts the control in the hands of customers. By reflecting on their personal experiences, consumers felt like their lifestyles were the center of the narrative sầu, instead of feeling lượt thích they were mere tools in the company"s promotional machine.

Consumers shared more than 500,000 photos via the #ShareaCoke hashtag within the first year alone. Coca-Cola gained roughly 25 millionnew Facebook followers that same year.

2. The Br& Connects With Consumers on a Personal Level

For Millennials, personalization is not just a fad but a way of life. The "Share a Coke" chiến dịch enabled this set lớn express their individual stories và connect with friends và family. A girl who shares a name-branded Coke bottle with her mother feels as though she"s connecting with her parent by creating a non-controversial topic of conversation.

Of course, not everyone"s name was represented on the 250 altered bottles. Consequently, Coca-Cola created a 500-stop cross-country "Share a Coke" tour which invited fans lớn customize amini can for themselves và a second one for someone special.

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The company also provided alternative sầu pre-printedoptions with monikers such as "Bestie," "Star" or "BFF," for those with more unusual names that were not represented.

3. The Campaign Has a Powerful Call to lớn kích hoạt

The "Share a Coke" biểu ngữ is inherently a call-to-action khổng lồ buy more product. Catchy & easy to remember, the phrase carries an embedded directive sầu to lớn purchase a bottle of Coke for the purpose of giving it to another.

The "Share a Coke" campaign was first introduced in nước Australia before it was brought lớn the United States.

4. The Campaign Continues to Change

The "Share a Coke" campaign has constantly expanded. In năm ngoái, the company increased the personal names represented from 250 to lớn 1,000.

Then, tuy nhiên lyrics were added to the bottles" packaging so that fans could mô tả music in addition to lớn names. In 2017, the company added a feature that let consumers listen khổng lồ a short jingle with their name in it.

In 2018, Coke turned their now-iconic name labels into removable stickers that could be fastened lớn clothing, cell phones, notebooks, & other items.