Facebook group cover photo size 2021: free template!


Facebook groups are an essential part of social truyền thông kinh doanh for an increasing number of businesses – especially those who are creating value-based groups for their clients. These groups are incredibly useful in terms of establishing an online community!

Facebook groups are great for finding new ways lớn build relationships with your clients & khổng lồ give them one-on-one tư vấn by offering new and exclusive sầu information just for them. With Facebook group features being updated frequently, those groups are becoming even more useful for both businesses & the group’s members.

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There’s a lot that goes inkhổng lồ creating a great Facebook group, and most businesses end up so focused on the nội dung & engagement that they forget about some of the smaller details that can make a big impact. One of those not-so-small details is your cover photo lớn, which is so much more than “just a picture lớn fill the space.”

In this post, we’re going khổng lồ look at how to create an incredible Facebook group cover image, including the perfect Facebook group cover pholớn kích cỡ & the best practices you need to make your group st& out.

The Perfect Facebook Group Cover Photo lớn Size

The perfect Facebook group cover phokhổng lồ kích thước is 1640 x 856 pixels. These banner dimensions give sầu a 1.91:1 aspect ratio.


If you don’t use these exact dimensions, you could over up having your photo lớn cropped & cut out crucial information, like this:

Before you start creating a new cover pholớn, it’s important khổng lồ know the ideal Facebook group cover photo lớn form size. This ensures that none of your images will be cropped incorrectly & skewing the image which wouldn’t give you the perfect look that you were going for.

One thing that I want to lớn address clearly here is that Facebook’s event cover pholớn & Facebook’s personal / business profiles use different dimensions.

I bức xúc this because I’ve seen a lot of brands try lớn just use their Facebook page cover phokhổng lồ within Facebook groups. These sizes are different & are not optimized to lớn be displayed the same across different Facebook pages.

How to lớn Create a Facebook Group Cover Photo

Creating Facebook group cover photos is easier than ever with thangvi.com’s drag-and-drop thiết kế software, especially since we just rolled out new Facebook group cover photo templates this month.

Here’s a video tutorial we made to lớn help you easily repurpose one of our Facebook group cover phokhổng lồ templates in less than 5 minutes. Check it out!




Your group cover photo lớn will actually phối the tone for your group & can convey what it is that you’re trying lớn accomplish. A strong cover image can lover credibility lớn the group quickly và show that you’re taking it seriously. Since cover photos are one of the only things you can see about a group if it’s closed before you’re granted entry, you need to be using it to your full advantage. Your cover image can help increase the number of potential members interested in joining.

Best Practices For Facebook Group Cover Photos

Aside from using the right cover pholớn size (which is so important it got its own section, so please take note of that!), there are some essential best practices you should follow when creating your own new group artwork.

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Add Some Exposition

One purpose of the Facebook group cover photo is khổng lồ capture the attention of potential new members và get them interested. Sometimes the best way to lớn vì that is add text that explains exactly what your group offers in addition to that svào visual component.

The Facebook group below does exactly that. One small line of text is all that’s needed: “A community for freelancers, artists, & entrepreneurs” notes that exactly who this group is for, increasing the likelihood that this audience will take notice if they see the image.

Use Clean, High-Quality Images

Simple really can be best when it comes khổng lồ design work, because it positions the content you want khổng lồ highlight front and center with little competition.

In this example from Bark Box’s closed group, they bởi vì danh sách the group name, with the only real image being a dog practically grinning on a pile of toys. Since this is everything the company (& its customers) could ever dream of, it’s a simple image that’s incredibly effective sầu. It’s a high quality image, too, & it looks clean & well-organized. All the White space in the image works in favor of the image instead of against it.

Include Visible Branding if Possible

If your Facebook group is connected khổng lồ your business in any way, vày your followers a favor and make sure that’s clear in the cover photo. If they’re already following your Page & don’t know you have sầu a group, this can clear up confusion.

Some businesses will have a full-on brvà biểu tượng logo as a part of their group image. AdEspresso does that here, using the AdEspresso man (which all customers will immediately recognize) as the main image:

You can also go subtle. The Facebook cover photo lớn for the FightCamp community, for example, doesn’t have a big biểu tượng logo overlaid on the center of the image or text descriptions, but it does have that distinctive black-text-on-white-background “FIGHT” on the gloves & bag, which is instantly recognizable. As long as your followers can trachồng that it’s you & that what you’re doing in the group is making a branded impact, you’re all mix.

The cover photos you choose for your Facebook group will be one of the first things that potential members notice, & it can phối the tone for the entire group especially when it’s first getting started. It’s important, and you should look at it as a key part of your group’s branding. And if that group is tied to your business, in any way, it directly reflects on your business’s branding, too.

When you’re creating your cover pholớn, keep in mind that simple graphics can have sầu great results, và that the cover photo lớn should encompass what the group itself is. Use our best practices, & as always, make sure you’re using the perfect Facebook group cover pholớn kích cỡ so no unfortunate cropping happens.

Need khổng lồ revamp your group cover photo? Start your không tính phí trial with thangvi.com here.

What vì chưng you think? What type of Facebook group photo lớn makes you pause & take interest? Which of our best practices are you most excited to lớn try out for your own group? Share your thoughts và questions in the comments below!