What is the meaning of Spam? In this article, Network Administrator will invite you to lớn follow along khổng lồ find out the answers.

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Spam is a pretty familiar term for us in the current technological age. If you pay attention you will see them appear everywhere, from social networking sites lượt thích Facebook, Skype, Zing, khổng lồ online chat software lượt thích Zalo, Viber, even they appear on some games. Play as Alliance, DotA và in particular, in Gmail, you will see the manufacturer also designed a separate section so that users can easily filter the necessary messages & spam . Although appearing with a lot of weeks so, but many users are still vague & bởi not understvà the meaning of what spam is. In this article, Network Administrator will invite you lớn follow along to lớn find out the answers.

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What is spam?

Spam stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages, which means stupid & annoying messages lớn recipients.


Spam appeared in 1978, when a man sent letters lớn advertise his new product to many people. He sent the same nội dung letter lớn 393 people at the same time instead of sending each letter lớn each person as usual.

Thus, spam initially is a term to talk about sending gmail to many people at the same time. The nội dung of such letters may not be meaningful, or promotional in nature, without the consent of the recipients, recipients who do not wish khổng lồ receive such emails. . Shortly understood, spam is spam, junk, useless, sent blameless lớn a large number of recipients, no matter whether the recipient wants khổng lồ read, reply to lớn the message or not.

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Today, Spam appears on many means such as chat Spam, News Spam, Spam messages, Spam in forums, Spam on social networks. Spam here is also understood as: useless information, laông chồng of authenticity spread widely makes many people feel uncomfortable và vị not want khổng lồ receive sầu it.

The actions of copying comments from this status and then spreading the comment khổng lồ other status without knowing whether the content of the comment is appropriate, then the dot-and-long comment is also closed as spam, because of that are nonsensical comments, garbage topics many people are watching.

For example: If you use Messenger Facebook, you will receive sầu Spam messages containing advertising information, unfounded rumors, then fake winning news, nonsensical nonsensical information, not useful. what for you It even harms you. Be careful with spam messages like this.

Hopefully the above article has answered you with useful information about this term.