In April năm nhâm thìn, Facebook launched Facebook Live sầu, a live Clip streaming service that lets anyone broadcast from their di động devices straight to their Facebook News Feed.

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Since its launch, live streaming đoạn Clip has exploded in popularity -- particularly on Facebook Live, where according lớn Vimeo, 78% of online audiences are watching đoạn Clip on Facebook Live sầu as of 2018.

Source: Facebook

6. Tag friends, choose your location, or add an activity.

Tap the icons at the bottom of your screen to lớn tag people who are in the Facebook Live video clip, add the location from where you"re shooting, or tóm tắt what you"re doing in the broadcast. These touches can add more personalization khổng lồ your đoạn phim, increase discoverability, & make people want to lớn tune in.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

Note: You can also blochồng viewers during a live sầu broadcast by tapping the profile picture next lớn a viewer"s comment và then tapping "Block." You can unblock someone you"ve sầu previously blocked, too.

11. Clichồng "Finish" lớn end the broadcast.

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Once you vì chưng this, the đoạn phim will stay on your Timeline or Page lượt thích any other video clip post.

12. Post your reply and save sầu the video khổng lồ your camera roll.

Once you finish your broadcast, you"ll be met with a screen similar lớn the one I"ve sầu screenshot below. If you want to post it, that will enable others khổng lồ view your Clip once you"ve sầu stopped broadcasting. Then, tap the download button khổng lồ save sầu the Clip to lớn your camera roll so you have sầu a copy of the original for safekeeping.


You can always go back lớn the post on your Timeline or Page và edit the mô tả tìm kiếm, change the privacy settings, or delete the video clip, just lượt thích you would any other post.


How to Go on Facebook Live sầu From Desktop

If you"re an admin or editor of a Facebook Page for your brvà, you can also broadcast live sầu from a desktop computer. This isn"t as spontaneous as broadcasting from a thiết bị di động device (and, obviously, isn"t as mobile), but this could be a good option for filming more static broadcasts. For example, we recently broadcast a Facebook Live sầu panel in celebration of International Women"s Day. The panelists and interviewer sat in place the entire time, an example of when broadcasting from a steadier device could be more effective sầu.