8 of the best youtube seo tools


Keyword retìm kiếm, tracking ranking positions & creating thumbnails are just some of the tools that can help optimize your YouTube videos.

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With đoạn Clip streaming services and social truyền thông platforms reporting large amounts of traffic, videos are slowly but surely moving front & center as the most popular form of online nội dung. Plus, they are made more accessible by the widespread use of điện thoại devices và the growing average speed of Internet connectivity.

Look no further than sites like Twitch & YouTube to lớn understvà how powerful videos can be at keeping people glued khổng lồ their screens. As a matter of fact, according khổng lồ YouTube, U.S. residents aged 18-34 watch more videos on Smartphone devices than they bởi on any TV broadcast or cable network.

Bearing this in mind, performing đoạn Clip optimization has never been as important as it is today. To get more eyeballs looking at your videos, you must vày your best to lớn ensure that people can find your videos online & that they choose khổng lồ watch your đoạn phim over the vast pool of competition — something that was covered in the YouTube SEO 101 post.

Getting yourself noticed on YouTube can be quite a daunting challenge, but in this post, we’ve sầu rounded up some of the best tools that can help you optimize your YouTube videos for SEO.

Without further abởi, let’s get started!


1. Video pre-production: What to consider

One of the most crucial parts of producing videos is getting everything ready even before the camera starts rolling. The bulk of the work is actually done during the đoạn Clip pre-production or planning stage. After all, you can’t create a great đoạn Clip without laying out a plan first, right?

Conducting keyword research

Knowing what topics are popular and what colloquial terms are used most to find videos is imperative sầu to the success of your digital video sale strategy. By creating videos around a specific target từ khoá, you’ll have sầu a much better chance of getting ranked higher on the YouTube SERP..

YouTube autocomplete

You’ve sầu probably noticed that YouTube suggests certain keyword & phrases as you type a query into the search box:


What makes the Autocomplete feature so great is that it’s miễn phí và only puts popular keywords forward. Basically, YouTube points out for you the terms people use most khổng lồ find videos. From the standpoint of YouTube SEO, your videos should be optimized around these suggested keyword.

Above you can see that YouTube suggests several other keyword along with the initial query. Each suggestion can be a great idea for a đoạn Clip topic, but they are awesome long-tail từ khóa as well. Besides being popular, long-tail từ khoá are also not very competitive sầu, and, hence, are easier lớn get ranked for.


Another tool for conducting từ khóa research is the simple but exhaustive sầu KeywordTool.io, which is perfect for getting more YouTube autocomplete suggestions.


With this tool, you can automatically find từ khóa variations và get hundreds of rankable autocomplete suggestions. The solution also suggests keyword-based đoạn phim tags và captions that have a higher chance of getting more views.

Additionally, Keyword Tool Pro adds numbers and letters to the target query to collect even more suggestions. With this paid feature, you can get twice as many results as you would in the không lấy phí tài khoản, plus get accurate YouTube search volume estimates.


The third keywords retìm kiếm tool we’ll examine is Kparser. This intuitive and easy-to-use paid solution also collects và provides thousands of suggestions of the best long-tail queries to use khổng lồ promote your videos.


It should be mentioned that the tool enables you to add extra keyword before and after the target query just like KeywordTool.io, but it also lets you select the parsing depth, and examine included & excluded keyword. Furthermore, the results can be clustered together inkhổng lồ groups and easily sorted by their cost-per-clichồng, rank and volume.

Analyzing yours và your competitors’ channels

You have sầu enough on your plate managing your channel as it is, but the only way to know which direction lớn go or what you need khổng lồ bởi vì to get better results is lớn scrutinize all of your channel’s existing data và compare it to lớn that of your main rivals.

Of course, there are also a number of tools that can help you dissect your channel and get to know everything about the channels you’re going up against.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is the best place lớn learn what’s working on your channel và what’s not. This không lấy phí, easy-to-use but comprehensive sầu tool can tell you who watches your videos & what they lượt thích lớn watch, plus it can help you figure out which videos can produce more income.


This solution enables you lớn perform a detailed analysis of your channel & each separate video clip, providing you with real-time reports, view count, ratio of likes and dislikes, as well as viewer demographics.

YouTube Analytics offers three key report categories to work with: Revenue, Watch time, và Engagement — make sure to explore all of them for maximum results. On top of that, these categories are complemented by real-time and Overview sections. To take advantage of the tool, you must start uploading videos so that the system has some data to lớn work with lớn boost your performance.


The easy-to-use paid web-based ứng dụng called Quintly was created to enable companies to keep their eyes on their own social truyền thông accounts, set points of reference — against your figures or that of your competitors — & improve sầu future campaigns. This solution provides data from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and, of course, YouTube.


Quintly’s integration with YouTube makes collecting and analyzing data super fast và simple. You can specify with laser precision which data points you want to get results for: subscribers, posted videos, engagement for the channel or a specific video — you name it.

Moreover, you can connect your YouTube Analytics account & get Quintly up và running in a matter of minutes, and save sầu yourself hours & hours on manually tracing the KPIs of your YouTube channel. On top of that, reporting is straightforward — automated, customizable, white-labeled — however, you need và want.

Finally, its functions & features are designed in such a way that you can stay on top of all processes và details, và are always equipped with all the data you need và more — viewer location, used device, source — khổng lồ get the most out of your YouTube video clip campaigns.

Rival IQ

Rival IQ’s analytics helps you understand your YouTube competition on a deeper level and enables you khổng lồ make informed decisions khổng lồ ultimately get better performance results.


Social truyền thông tracking và cross-channel reporting allow you lớn get profound insights behind the success of your “rivals,” so that you can make a comparison & boost your online presence. Know when lớn post content for maximum engagement, view historical backlog data, & get notified each time your competitor makes an update — competitor monitoring is just a breeze.

The way Rival IQ shows data is easy khổng lồ process for analytical newbies & data scientists alượt thích. The tool conveniently generates YouTube metrics right out of the gate, giving you an instant snapshot insight inlớn your and your competitors’ channels — number of posts per day, the engagement rate per post, best time of day khổng lồ post, as well as the usual suspects: likes, dislikes, views, subscribers, & comments.


vidIQ is a powerful feature-packed tool aimed at helping you increase the reach of your videos on YouTube. This optimization solution assists YouTubers through every step of the way: from suggesting when khổng lồ publish videos to lớn connecting you with top nibịt influencers, and from monitoring viewer engagement lớn optimizing YouTube SEO.


In a nutshell, vidIQ lays out comprehensive sầu information about your channel, videos & competitors, letting you compare up khổng lồ four channels for miễn phí. The data it provides ultimately enables you to lớn make positive changes khổng lồ your kinh doanh strategy.

The vidIQ Vision Chrome extension is a great tool all on its own. It is one of the few YouTube optimization tools that lets you conduct in-depth retìm kiếm inlớn your competitors, including their traffic details and tags, right in the browser.

Snagging competitor tags

To dig a bit deeper inkhổng lồ your competition, take a look at the tags they use to get their videos noticed by YouTube. Not only do tags help you get ranked for the target từ khoá, but they can also help you show up as a related đoạn Clip in YouTube’s sidebar when someone watches a video with a similar tag.

Although tags are initially hidden on YouTube, they can be viewed through the page’s HTML code. To vì this, right-cliông xã on the page & go khổng lồ “View Page Source.” Then tìm kiếm for the word “keywords” on the page. Everything that goes after it is the video’s tags! But if HTML is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of tools that will help you out.


YouTube decided to hide đoạn Clip tags from the public eye many years ago. With the miễn phí Tags for YouTube Chrome extension, YouTube tags are returned khổng lồ their original position.


To view what tags are attached to lớn a đoạn phim, simply cliông chồng “show more” right under the description of the video. No sidebars, overlays or layers of data — bare tags only. It’s not a powerful tool regarding analytics, but it does save you the hassle of looking up tags via HTML.

If you want to lớn have a simple way of seeing just the tags of YouTube videos without any additional analytical information, this tool is exactly what you need.


Unlượt thích the previous tool that simply allows you to spy on your competitors’ tags, this không lấy phí solution can generate tag based on the target keywords.


The miễn phí version of the TagsYouTube tool enables you khổng lồ get a các mục of tags related khổng lồ your target keywords, select the ones you lượt thích, và add them khổng lồ the final danh mục of tags. You can then add another từ khóa và add those tags to your final list of tags as well. Continue adding từ khoá until you get a danh sách of tags you are happy with.

Besides generating tags, this service also offers features such as Advanced Title, Description, Thumbnail Generator, as well as practical tips và advice on how khổng lồ best optimize your videos for YouTube.


Just as the name suggests, this free tool can quickly generate tags. One of the great things about RapidTags is that you can apply a language filter as you perform a tìm kiếm lớn get tags for different localities.


The workflow is pretty straightforward: enter your target query into lớn the tìm kiếm box và the tool will generate relevant tags which you can then copy lớn YouTube.

You can then further analyze the target query to lớn find out its traffic details lượt thích how many views, likes, dislikes và comments it currently has. RapidTags also shows the estimated number of views và engagement signals — such as likes — required for your Clip to rank for the target query.

2. Video post-production: Polishing off the video

Now that you’ve done all the preparatory work around your đoạn Clip and have sầu recorded it, you need khổng lồ add some finishing touches before it’s ready lớn go public.

Creating a thumbnail

Book covers and film posters give us an idea of what we can expect from a book or a movie, respectively. Video thumbnails serve the same purpose: they give sầu people a rough understanding of what they’ll see in a video if they watch it. Therefore, before uploading your video clip khổng lồ YouTube, create a high-chất lượng custom thumbnail using a professional tool.


Canva is a leading graphic design tool that is perfect for creating beautiful thumbnails for YouTube videos. It’s easy khổng lồ use, even if you’re not a designer.


It should be noted that this tool is not exclusively used for creating thumbnails — Canva can also be engaged in a number of other design-related tasks such booklets, presentations, sales pitches và so forth. It offers over a million fonts, graphics, photos và templates for you to lớn choose from, as well as the option khổng lồ upload images from your collections.

In terms of making thumbnails, Canva is packed with a plethora of miễn phí stoông chồng photos, backgrounds, texts, shapes, illustrations, và much more, making it a great solution. Moreover, you can use this tool không tính phí of charge on computers, Android và iOS devices, with the exception of several paid features & elements.


Another powerful không tính phí website graphic designer, photo lớn editor, & collage maker tool is FotoJet. With this solution, creating amazing YouTube thumbnails is a walk in the park.


What makes this graphic thiết kế tool stvà out is the fact that it puts more focus on creating amazing thumbnails for YouTube — not just general thiết kế features. With more than 500 templates for collages, FotoJet is a great resource for producing various graphics for YouTube, including đoạn phim thumbnails.

The best part of this tool is the advanced thumbnail creator tool. It lets you make all sorts of fine adjustments to your creations — rotate images, add filters, crop or resize them. Also, similar lớn Canva, FotoJet’s drag-and-drop interface provides for an intuitive sầu & hassle-free user experience.


Snappa is also an all-in-one graphic thiết kế software solution that gives you the freedom lớn create more than stunning thumbnails for YouTube. Its simplicity and versatility make it the go-lớn tool for non-professional designers that need to be nudged in the right direction.


Just lượt thích the other aforementioned kiến thiết tools, Snappage authority has an abundance of breathtaking templates that can be tweaked and customized whichever way you want.

What makes this freemium tool unique is the fact that it takes you step-by-step through the design process, asking you what you want to lớn create và showing you exactly how khổng lồ work the platkhung.

Optimizing the video

Before you decide khổng lồ upload your video clip to YouTube, you may want khổng lồ polish it off & add finishing touches by running it through an editing tool. Luckily, there’s a variety of đoạn Clip optimization tools that can show you new ways of improving your videos, & fast-traông chồng the process.

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If you’re a greenhorn when it comes lớn editing YouTube videos & want lớn use only native sầu apps on your Mac — give sầu iMovie a try.


With this intuitive đoạn Clip editing software, you are free lớn trlặng, crop and rearrange sections of your đoạn Clip whichever way you like. Plus, the tool allows you to fix shaky videos, insert titles, throw in great visual effects và manage the video’s audio files.

One of the cool things about iMovie is that it supports 4K và HD videos, which is great news for those of us who record videos on GoPro cameras, iPhones, & other modern chất lượng cameras. Moreover, the tool lets you easily upload & publish such high-definition videos to lớn Facebook, Vimeo &, of course, YouTube.

So, if you’re still learning the ropes of đoạn Clip editors, this tool is perfect for getting started.



A free đoạn Clip editing tool that is more advanced than the previous option is Blender. Not only does it offer features that allow you to use the tool for 3 chiều, VFX, rendering, animation, modeling, & even creating đoạn Clip games, it also enables you to lớn tryên ổn videos, apply all sorts of filters & transitions — just what YouTubers need.

With Blender, you can add as many image, audio & video clip files to a video’s timeline as you want và edit them as you see fit on Mac, Windows or Linux devices. Blender also visualizes waveforms và allows users to lớn phối audio files, which makes for a creative experience. Also, you can take advantage of the tool’s histogram displays, live sầu pĐánh Giá, vectorscope features, and so much more.

It should be noted that due khổng lồ this tool’s complexity, it may take you some time khổng lồ figure out all of its ins & outs to yield the best results.

Corel VideoStudio

Another đoạn Clip editing tool in our lineup is Corel VideoStudio. This paid Windows-exclusive sầu software lets you add several videos và edit them simultaneously in a split-screen interface, as well as perkhung some traditional editing actions, such as crop, trlặng, reform size, & rearrange.


Additionally, this solution features four angle multi-camera đoạn phim editors, lens correction tools, stop motion animation, and 3 chiều đoạn Clip editing.

Furthermore, lớn take it to lớn the next level, VideoStudio’s tech staông xã can accelerate the users’ đoạn Clip hardware that decreases the overall time it takes to lớn render videos. On top of that, users can save sầu loads of time on exporting and uploading videos to YouTube by doing it directly via VideoStudio.


3. Video promotion: Getting more eyes on your video

With almost two weeks’ worth of Clip nội dung being added khổng lồ YouTube every single minute, finding hundreds of videos on any given topic is a piece of cake. However, if not promoted the right way, your đoạn phim just won’t be found. By making use of specialized tools, you can ensure that you get the kind of stats that are only obtained by top players in the YouTube game.

Tracking ranking positions

If you’re doing đoạn phim SEO, regular video ranking check-ups via position tracking tools are a prerequisite for the success of your YouTube channel. Such check-ups can tell you who you’re competing with and enable you to adjust your đoạn Clip marketing campaign accordingly.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking has a top-notch keywords tracking tool that can be used khổng lồ get accurate data, detailed reports & analysis. Along with the keywords tracking tool the platform offers a bunch of other useful features that help you perkhung more tasks.


The keywords rank checker tool specifically can run daily checks on Google, Yahoo and YouTube rankings for any location and device. It conveniently shows the daily ranking changes expressed in figures as well as graphs and specifies the URL for each ranking position. Also, you can set a target URL for each query, & all non-target URL positions will be highlighted in red.

The tech behind the tool collects data by simulating how users with no browsing history would behave sầu for the selected target location & provides a cached copy if you want to lớn verify the data for yourself.

Besides tracking rankings on five sầu tìm kiếm engines and locations, you are không tính phí to traông chồng up to lớn 5 competitors from your industry & get accurate, competitive intelligence on them. Moreover, the tool enables you lớn trachồng the TOPhường 100 results for any search query — kiểm tra how positions have sầu changed over a specific period for any từ khóa or tìm kiếm engine from your project.


The RankTrackr tool tracks rankings for the most popular search engines & provides detailed insights into lớn the position of a site — yours or competitors’ — as well as keyword.


A big plus when tracking keywords is that you can vì chưng so by location (thành phố or zip code) as well as see how they are ranked on thiết bị di động devices. With RankTrackr’s tracking engine, you can find out how you are ranked even at the start-up cấp độ by filtering the exact area where you want khổng lồ make an impact. This data will empower you lớn create great strategies that will help you engage your audience.

Furthermore, you can see a snapshot graphical representation of your performance history, and make use of SERPhường. result backtracking khổng lồ get additional historical data. This makes it simple lớn spot a problem and solve sầu it.

Finally, you can get ahead of your competition with this freemium tool by studying and comparing your keyword rankings with that of your competitors — as shown above sầu — và adapting your strategy lớn stay on top.


YTRank is a very simple không tính tiền tool that was designed with one goal in mind: to traông xã the YouTube Clip ranking position for a specific từ khoá.


Once you access their website, all you have sầu lớn vì chưng is select the country where you get most of your traffic from, enter the URL of your YouTube đoạn Clip & add up lớn 6 từ khoá you want to check positions for.

Then just scroll down to see which page and on what position your từ khóa is currently located on. It’s as simple as that.

Sharing on social media

Getting more eyes looking at your videos is incredibly important lớn the success of your video marketing campaigns, và social truyền thông platforms are perfect resources lớn execute on that. Here are some of the tools that can help you spread the word about your Clip far and wide.


The process of promoting YouTube videos involves making them easy to lớn find for viewers. DrumUp is a paid tool that enables you khổng lồ schedule the promotion of your videos on various social networks.


With DrumUp, you can add your social truyền thông accounts from Instagram, LinkedIn và Facebook, and communicate with your target social audiences from one easy-to-access platkhung.

Once you authenticate your social profiles, you will be able lớn see a pReviews of your social posts before making them public online. Customize your messages that promote your videos with a simple, intuitive social auto-posting solution.


Another social media management service that enables companies lớn perkhung social sale activities is HootSuite. This paid tool aims to lớn take communication to lớn the next level & empowers companies to lớn foster relationships with clients — not just sover generic messages.


The tool’s dashboard provides tabs for each social tài khoản that’s connected khổng lồ the tiện ích. Modern social truyền thông media goes beyond posting messages and includes providing support, offering exclusive đơn hàng, và encouraging customers khổng lồ make repeat purchases.

Hootsuite makes managing several profiles at the same time effortless. The advanced options are not không lấy phí but with some extra investment, you get advanced social analytics, security, audience engagement and multiple users.


eClincher is another fully-featured paid social media management tool that makes it easy lớn oversee and manage your social presence. This solution’s toolmix includes an intelligent social dashboard, nội dung curation, từ khóa tracking, analytics, publishing và automation, a unified social inbox, & a bunch of other useful options.


Manage, set up, schedule and publish content (including YouTube videos) on all your social profiles from a single location with eClincher. If a certain piece of content is performing well, eClincher will let you know and you’ll be able khổng lồ use it again for more effective sầu engagement on the social channels that haven’t seen that piece of content yet.

This social tool can lend you a hand in finding hot relevant nội dung from the web và instantly adding it khổng lồ your feed. Since the tool can determine what nội dung will be appreciated by your audience, this feature can boost the performance of your social truyền thông profiles.

Managing đoạn phim comments

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re getting more social truyền thông comments và questions than you can physically handle? Social comments are the modern-day version of business reviews & are vitally important khổng lồ your br&. Good thing many tools can help you stay on top of all your social engagements.

YouTube phản hồi moderation

YouTube has its own content moderation tool that gives you the possibility to customize the settings that will automatically filter out inappropriate comments, leaving only engaging comments in place.


To configure the settings that define what comments can appear, you need khổng lồ go to lớn the Creator Studio and access the Community settings.

There, you can add users to enable their comments to lớn be approved automatically. You can also view the comments left by users marked as ‘hidden’. Moreover, by entering a list of words you want to blochồng, comments that match or closely match the specified words will be put aside for human Reviews. Additionally, mark the checkbox next lớn the Blochồng link option khổng lồ hold back new comments and live sầu chat messages with hashtags & URLs. Last but not least, configure the basic settings regarding comments on your videos, channel và live chat before hitting ‘Save’.

As for the comments themselves, go to Comments section to view the comments that are public, those that have sầu been held for Reviews, và those that are considered khổng lồ be spam by YouTube. This is where you can decide which comments deserve to lớn be visible on your comments feed, but it will, unfortunately, require doing a lot of manual work. There are, however, some solutions that ease up the load.


TubeBuddy is a free browser extension that equips you with multiple tools that help you manage your YouTube channel. No need khổng lồ switch between your channel & external tools to see the data — all the tools are added on top of YouTube’s interface.


Being a popular solution, TubeBuddy is full of useful tools và has quite a few ways of helping you moderate your comments.

First off, when working directly within the YouTube comments page, TubeBuddy gives you the option to lớn filter comments: those you haven’t replied to lớn, those that need a follow-up reply, those with positive sầu or negative sầu sentiments, or questions. That way you can easily find out where you need khổng lồ interact more and learn what your viewers are talking about.

Canned responses is another helpful tool that allows creating quiông xã go-to answers to popular viewer comments. Once you’ve prepared your short replies, you can select one right next to lớn a user phản hồi under the đoạn Clip, saving loads of time on creating messages anew.

The last comment-related TubeBuddy tool that deserves mention is the word cloud. The cloud contains the most used words from your comments, those that stvà out for your channel and give you a quick insight inkhổng lồ the general tone of voice of your channel.


Smart Moderation

A paid tool that provides phản hồi moderation for social media platforms is SmartModeration. It’s designed khổng lồ remove profane comments và protect your reputation on the web on autopilot in real time.

Most automated phản hồi moderation tools solely rely on lists of keywords lớn underst& what’s written in comments. In turn, YouTube has its own tools that look to lớn từ khoá blacklists và algorithms khổng lồ filter out spammy comments. However, this tool only puts them aside for human Reviews without deleting them.

This is where Smart Moderation comes in. This tool connects to your social profiles on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube và deletes unwanted comments the moment they are posted. On top of that, the tool’s machine learning AI removes such comments very accurately — like a human would. This feature makes this solution stand out because it understands words like humans. Plus its intelligence engine can be trained as you continue using the service.

Finally, the software supports multiple languages and can, therefore, be used by content producers from all over the planet to protect their audience & nội dung.

Final words

There is little doubt that đoạn Clip content is a must-have sầu component of any sale strategy. Good thing we have sầu YouTube that gives everyone the amazing opportunity lớn attract new audiences, encourage engagement và growth, as well as boost overall customer conversions.

By making the most of the tools listed in this article, you can get miles ahead of your competitors và get higher rankings on YouTube’s SERP.

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here.