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But totting up the number of marginal citations - even totting them up accurately - tells us very little about the structure of the author"s argument.
One way of interpreting this criticism is that it suggests that all a voting mechanism should do is consult people and tot up their preferences.
In general all the results show that the relative prices, tot, and the exchange rate, e, variables have sầu significant coefficients, và the signs turn out khổng lồ be as expected.
For example, should the teacher recommkết thúc using a tot (of) in place of much và many, or ignoring each (và perhaps every) in favour of all.
An army is not a kind of addition sum arrived at by totting up the garrisons here and there at a given moment.
Clearly the totting up provision cannot be applied to the corporate body—the limited liability company that is running a large fleet of vehicles.
No one dared to lớn make a figure because they did not know whether it would reach the correct figure when the staff were totted up.
Totting up then, we have loans totalling £29 million; grants paid lớn date và to be paid this year, £16 million, making a total of £45 million.
A few hundred children, ranging from tiny tots to husky young lads, & their counterparts amongst the girls, were all herded together.
His argument was that the provision of this tot of rum would make it dangerous for ratings in a service operational rôle.

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