Universal Parcel Tracking


Trachồng packages from China, USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, Deutsbít Post, LBC, Aliexpress, UPS, Shein, FedEx, Pitney Bowes, eBay, Amazon

USPS Tracking

USPS Tracking service provides end-to-over inbound & outbound thành tích tracking in the United States and is available for most domestic mail products that are large enough and that are addressed to lớn domestic locations, including to lớn limited Army Post Offices, Fleet Post Offices, Diplomatic Post Offices destinations & lớn ZIPhường Codes in U.S. territories & possessions or Freely Associated States. Read our extensive guide to USPS Package Tracking.

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UPS SurePost Tracking

UPS SurePost is a shipping service that utilizes UPS’s ground networks to cover most of the distance a parcel needs to travel, but relies on the U.S. Postal Service for the final leg of the shipment. Learn how khổng lồ trachồng UPS SurePost with USPS.


Few people vì chưng not know about AliExpress - the most popular Internet marketplace of goods from China. Packages are most often sent through Yanwen, ePacket, và SF-Express, read on khổng lồ find out how trachồng any order or package from Aliexpress.


A well-known worldwide auction site, recently launched the eBay Global Shipping Program in which the Pitney Bowes through the third tiệc ngọt logistics providers, shipping carriers, customs brokers, freight forwarders, and/or other subcontractors delivers goods bought on eBay from US & UK. Read the detailed instructions for global eBay tracking.


Reportedly 6-th largest e-commerce Chinese marketplace of cheap goods directly from China. Traông xã Wish orders and packages with Wish shipping tracker.


Traông xã orders from ASOS.com using order number or tracking number. Our service will find information about your ASOS order. Orders are usually sent through WNDirect và TRAKPAK logistics companies, read more about ASOS.com order tracking.


Amazon (Amazon.com) is the world’s largest online retailer. Has localized online stores in United States, UK, Canada, nước Australia, Germany, France, Spain, France, Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, etc. Amazon Package Tracking.


As Europe"s leading online fashion platsize Zalanvày delivers lớn customers in 17 countries, read on lớn find out more about tracking Zalanvày order.

Urban Outfitters

The Urban Outfitters br& targets young adults with a merchandise mix of women"s và men"s fashion apparel, footwear, beauty & wellness products, accessories, active-wear and gear, & housewares, as well as music, primarily vinyl records and cassettes. Much of the merchandise is designed & produced by the company"s wholesale division on multiple private labels. Urban Outfitters Order Status Tracking.


Lazada is the #1 online shopping marketplace in Southeast Asia – available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietphái nam, Vương Quốc Nụ Cười, Singapore. Orders are delivered with Lazadomain authority eLogistics, NinjaVan, ABX Express, GDEX, Skynet, Poslaju, TA-Q-BIN.


ZALORA is Asia’s leading online fashion destination. They are the largest và faschạy thử growing fashion focused e-commerce site in Southeast Asia. Founded in early 2012, we are present in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei, the Philippines, Hong Kong và Taiwan. Orders are delivered with NinjaVan, Entrego, CollectCo, Poslaju, TA-Q-BIN.


Taobao is the online store focused on the kết thúc user. The site operates on the C2C system ("consumer lớn consumer") - a khung of electronic commerce, which is the sale of goods & services between consumers. In this case, the site Taobao.com acts as an intermediary between the buyer and seller. Created by the Alibatía Group to lớn facilitate transactions between individual consumers & a wide range of sellers, such as retailers và wholesalers, etc. Orders khổng lồ USA, Canadomain authority are delivered by UPS, USPS, JCEX, Đài Loan Trung Quốc Post EMS, to lớn Singapore, Malaysia by ABX Express, DEX-I, GDEX, Skynet.


Shopee is a Mobile marketplace designed for both buyers and sellers lớn enjoy safe & smooth transactions – available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietphái nam, Vương Quốc Của Những Nụ cười, Singapore. Orders are delivered with NinjaVan, ABX Express, Gdex, LBC Express, Blaông xã Arrow Express, Skynet, Poslaju.


Thanks khổng lồ a rich selection & very low prices, GearBest managed lớn become one of the most popular online stores ahy vọng residents of the United States, Great Britain, Germany, here you can learn how to lớn traông xã orders from GearBest using tracking number.


Established e-commerce Chinese marketplace in Russia and Ukraine, making a push into lớn US, UK, Canada and European countries. Offers dirt cheap prices and không tính tiền shipping. Trachồng Joom parcels with universal tracker.


VOVA describes itself as Best Cheap Online Shopping Site - Browse Vova for millions of cost-efficient products with high unique that make your shopping fun and rewarding. Read more to lớn find out how khổng lồ traông xã VOVA Post.


GeekBuying is a great online electronics store from China; they focus on trang chính & office electronics, and consumer electronics; high chất lượng, wholesale price, fast không tính tiền shipping and good customer service. Orders are delivered by Trung Quốc Post, Singapore Post, Trung Quốc Post EMS/ePacket.


Borderkhông tính tiền lets you cửa hàng lượt thích a local — delivering the world’s best stores & exclusive savings directly to lớn you. Borderfree order tracking accross multiple delivery companies at once.


British online store of clothing, footwear and accessories for running, swimming, cycling, triathlon, hiking. Delivery is usually through P2Phường TRAKPAK và MetaPachồng. Traông xã Wiggle orders with our service.

Victoria"s Secret

One of the most famous companies in the world of lingerie. Orders are sent through the aggregator of the postal services eShopWorld, which forwards packages Aramex, USPS, Asendia, Chronopost. Learn more about Victoria's Secret order tracking.

TAM Beauty

TAM Beauty is a popular cosmetics store with adequate prices & fast delivery, orders are most often sent through P2P-TrakPak, more about tracking orders from TAM Beauty.


DHGate is a marketplace of independent Chinese wholesalers và drop shippers. When you buy through DHGate, you are buying from one of these sellers, although DHGate handles the transaction. It"s a lot lượt thích when you buy something on eBay, but DHGate offers a refund guarantee on all purchases. Orders are delivered by Trung Quốc Post, Đài Loan Trung Quốc Post EMS/ePacket.


Wayfair is one of the world"s largest online destinations for the home và sells furniture và home-goods. Their digital platform offers 14 million items from more than 11,000 global suppliers. Brans include Joss&Main, AllModern, Birch Lane, Perigold. Deliveries are made mainly with UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canadomain authority Post, Royal Mail.

Amazon Logistics (AMZL_US)

Amazon Logistics is a shipping và delivery service meant to complement existing providers lượt thích UPS, USPS và FedEx. It offers 7-day và same-day delivery options, và it utilizes a host of third-buổi tiệc nhỏ logistics partners across the country lớn make it happen – including walkers, bicyclists & motorcyclists in some areas. Read more lớn find out how khổng lồ traông chồng Amazon Logistics.


Walmart Inc. is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, & grocery stores from the United States. How khổng lồ traông xã Walmart order.

Cult Beauty

THE destination for the very best in beauty, they trawl the globe khổng lồ create a curated "Hall of Fame". From bestselling skin care lớn biến hóa must-haves. Orders are delivered with P2P-TrakPak, read on & find out more about tracking orders from Cult Beauty.


Traông chồng Apple.com orders, shipments, returns & repairs, read on & find out more about tracking orders from Apple.com.

eGlobal Central

eGlobal Central offers great discount plus miễn phí shipping on lachạy thử gadgets: DSLR, lens, di động, camera, tablet, audio. Orders are shipped with Central Post courier and delivered by wnDirect, DPD, Yodel, DHL Paket, read on & find out how to lớn trachồng orders from eGlobal Central.


Banggood is a relatively young online store, but it is rapidly gaining popularity, orders are sent mainly through PostNL, Flyt Express, và others. There is a tư vấn diễn đàn where they quickly answer questions about package tracking, more about tracking Banggood orders.

Yodel Tracking

Yodel is a delivery service company in the United Kingdom, and is one of the largest couriers along with Royal Mail. Read more to find out how Yodel Tracking works.

DPD Tracking

Dynamic Parcel Distribution or DPD for short is an international express delivery service. DPD has over 830 terminals in more than 40 countries of the world. Read more lớn find out how khổng lồ track DPD packages

FedEx SmartPost Tracking

FedEx SmartPost, which is similar lớn UPS SurePost, is a hybrid shipping service with which FedEx will piông chồng up packages from the shipping destination, và then h& the packages off lớn the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) for the final delivery khổng lồ the over customer. Learn how FedEx SmartPost Tracking can help find your package.


Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative sầu goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces khổng lồ vintage treasures. They ship domestically & internationally using USPS, FedEx. How khổng lồ traông chồng an Etsy order.


Hennes và Mauritz is a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers và children. Orders can be tracked using only order number. They ship with USPS, Canada Post. How lớn track an H&M order using order number.

Is it safe to receive sầu packages from China in light of Coronavirus?

According lớn World Health Organization (WHO) - Yes, it is safe, People receiving packages from Đài Loan Trung Quốc are not at risk of contracting the new coronavirus. From previous analysis, WHO says coronaviruses do not survive long on objects, such as letters or packages.

Is it possible to lớn catch new coronavirut from via packages from China?

No, You Won"t Catch The New Coronavi khuẩn Via Packages Or Mail From Trung Quốc, according to the Centers for Disease Control và Prevention. "Because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures," the CDC concludes in its Q&A.

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It is highly unlikely that the virut could survive for multiple days outside or inside a cardboard box, for example, that contains something an infected person had sneezed on or handled.

Am I at risk for novel coronavi khuẩn from a package or products shipping from China?

In general, because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures. Coronaviruses are generally thought to lớn be spread most often by respiratory droplets. Currently there is no evidence khổng lồ support transmission of 2019-nCoV associated with imported goods & there have sầu not been any cases of 2019-nCoV in the United States associated with imported goods.

"Shipping conditions of most products are going to be not conducive to the virut remaining viable". Despite what you might"ve heard, you cannot get the vi khuẩn from an imported package. The vi khuẩn is very fragile outside the human toàn thân, which means you can"t get it from a package or an envelope.

Contracting coronavi khuẩn form imported goods

Some people have sầu raised concerns that they might be able lớn contract the coronavi khuẩn from imported goods packed by people in other countries who might be sick.

Public health experts point out that the vi khuẩn can only live for a few hours on hard surfaces, và the only way it"s being spread between people is through cthua trận contact.

The spread of the coronavirus is likely to lớn impact significantly on UK importers & consumers

Restrictions on shipments và compulsory factory closures in China’s Hubei province, which is at the centre of the coronavi khuẩn outbreak, will mean significant delays on items from this important Chinese manufacturing area.

Trung Quốc Post’s Express Mail Service (EMS) announced on Sunday that it will delay shipping orders to disinfect goods. EMS said: “To ensure the public’s safety, we will ‘double-disinfect’ the parcels và the vehicles that will go through Wuhan, delaying the shipping progress.”

International parcel tracking done right

Find out how to lớn trachồng any package or parcel from around the world

How to track my international parcel?

Tracking international parcel can be cumbersome, you have to know which carrier will handle parcel delivery, when international delivery company will pass parcel to local postal or courier company. With our parcel tracker all of the above sầu are non issues.

You"ll get comprehensive tracking events history, delivery time estimate, current parcel status và location and liên kết to each official carrier website with prefilled tracking id, so you can be sure tracking info is up to date.

International shipping tracking

Tired of trying khổng lồ track your international package? I"m are here lớn help. International package tracking with any tracking number you may have will just work.

If you happen to lớn have unsupported tracking number, just sover me a quichồng note with tracking number và shipping company name, và add I"ll support for it in a couple days.

How vày I traông chồng a package?

What"s new about tracking a package with our postal tracker is that you need just a tracking number and that"s it. No need to lớn guess carrier, no need to lớn manually traông xã with multiple carriers và no need lớn translate tracking status to underst& what it means in Chinese.

To traông chồng a package enter your tracking number on this page and hit Trachồng Package.

Parcel tracking in UK

Even though most parcels going to UK are delivered by Royal Mail, they start their way with other carriers và have lớn guess which one và how to lớn track them. Not anymore, we integrated most popular shipping companies around the world & transparently tracking your UK parcels all the way from seller"s warehouse to lớn your door.

What is “Departure from outward office of exchange” ? How long it will take?

“Departure from outward office of exchange” means the parcel is ready for export customs security scan. Once it passes the scan, it will be sent to lớn airline.

Normally this procedure will complete within 2 khổng lồ 10 days.If your parcel stuông chồng in this status for more than 2 or even 3 weeks. Normally this means the parcel has problem lớn pass security kiểm tra and will be returned to shipper. You should open a dispute ASAPhường.

What does the status “Arrival at inward office of exchange” mean?

“Arrival at inward office of exchange” means the parcel has arrived destination country’s import customs office. Once the import customs clearance is done, the parcel will be delivered by destination country’s postal service company.

What does “Import Customs Scan” mean?

If you got the status of “Import Customs Scan”, there are 3 possibilities:

If the parcel was originally shipped from China & the location shows as a Chinese thành phố such as Beijing, Shangnhị etc, then it means the parcel was returned baông chồng khổng lồ Đài Loan Trung Quốc from oversea country. Normally the parcel will be sent baông chồng khổng lồ shipper and recipient will NOT receive sầu this parcel in future unless the shipper pay extra shipping fee và skết thúc it again.If the parcel was originally shipped from Đài Loan Trung Quốc và the location shows as recipient’s country, it means the parcel has arrived destination country import customs và will be delivered as soon as the customs clearance finishes.If the parcel was originally shipped from other country outside Đài Loan Trung Quốc and the location shows as a Chinese city such as Beijing, Shangnhì etc,then it means the parcel has arrived Trung Quốc và will be delivered as soon as the customs clearance finishes.

What does the status “Arrival at inward office of exchange” mean?

“Arrival at inward office of exchange” means the parcel has arrived destination country’s import customs office. Once the import customs clearance is done, the parcel will be delivered by destination country’s postal service company.

What does “Sent lớn airline” mean? How long will it arrive sầu after “Sent to airline”?

“Sent to airline” means China Post has given the parcel khổng lồ airline company. It does NOT necessarily mean the parcel has been on plane.

The "Sent to lớn airline" status will stuông chồng for long time until the parcel arrives at an airport sorting center which has scanning service. This might take 2 khổng lồ 4 weeks in regular season và 4 to 6 weeks in holiday season. Normally the parcel should have arrived at destination country when new status shows up.

If over 30 days (or 45 days in rush season) after “sent khổng lồ airline” và you still vì not receive the parcel, then you should be cautious. The parcel might be lost or seriously delayed somewhere outside Đài Loan Trung Quốc. You should open a dispute lớn clayên ổn your money baông xã from seller.

What does the status “Arrival at inward office of exchange” mean?

“Arrival at inward office of exchange” means the parcel has arrived destination country’s import customs office. Once the import customs clearance is done, the parcel will be delivered by destination country’s postal service company.

Why does my tracking result show only one message “Electronic data received” or “Electronic information received”?

If your tracking result has only one message “Electronic data received”, this means your seller/shipper applied for tracking number from postal company, but did not actually ship the goods yet.

Many Trung Quốc sellers delay shipment for 5 lớn 10 days due khổng lồ inventory shortage. So if you just got the number which shows “Electronic data received”, please wait one or two weeks và traông xã again. In most of cases, seller will ship the goods and you can see real shipment date và shipping location.

If you still can not see new status after 10 days, you should be cautious of fraud. You should talk lớn a seller and ask him to give you real shipping date và real tracking number. If seller can not give you reasonable reply, you should open dispute on eBay/AliExpress/Amazon.

What is the meaning of “Shipping notice received”?

When tracking you might get “Shipping notice received” or “Shipping notice received from WISH” or “Logistics order has been created“.

This means seller/shipper has applied a tracking number with shipping software provided by third party (WISH, AliExpress etc) but has not shipped the goods yet.

If you just got the tracking number from seller, please wait about 2 lớn 3 business days, if seller has actually shipped the goods. China Post tracking system will provide updated shipment date & location information about the parcel number.

If over 3 business days và you still get same result as “”shipping notice received”. You should be cautious of fake shipment. If you purchased from big website such as eBay/AliExpress/Amazon/Wish etc, you should liên hệ seller & push him/her khổng lồ ship the goods immediately. Tell him/her if you can not get real shipment information in next 3 days, you will open dispute against fraud. In most of cases, sellers will take immediate action on shipment to avoid dispute and siêu thị downgrade penalty.

China Post tracking

Tracking packages from China remains our most popular feature and our tracker truly excels at that. We tư vấn Đài Loan Trung Quốc Post, ePacket, Winit, Yanwen, Yun Express and countless other shipping companies that deliver packages via Trung Quốc Post.

All statuses are translated from Chinese to lớn English and you"ll even get delivery time estimate for your Đài Loan Trung Quốc Post package.

DHL Global Mail tracking

DHL Global Mail is an excellent, cheap and effective sầu delivery method for small packages. The reason it"s cheap is because DHL works with local carriers in China, United States khổng lồ get packages from seller to DHL"s consolidation center. And after package arrives khổng lồ destination country, DHL hands it over to lớn local carrier as well. Read more in our extensive sầu guide to lớn DHL eCommerce and DHL Global Mail tracking.

My parcel has arrived at destination country for a long time without delivery, why?

If your tracking results shows the parcel has arrived destination for long time, but does not have sầu delivery information, normally this means the parcel has delivery problem.

If the parcel is shipped from China lớn your country, the failure delivery reasons might be as following:

The address, thành phố or postal code is wrong.The import customs does not release the goodsThe postman has sent the goods khổng lồ your mailbox or front door and you have sầu not checked yet.The recipient is not available in the address when postman tried khổng lồ make delivery.The parcel address has no P..O Box number . This is most common return reason for parcels to U.A.E

Remember that Đài Loan Trung Quốc is a thành viên of Universal Postal Union(UPU), its parcel will be delivered by the UPU thành viên in your country. In most cases, this UPU member is your country’s postal service provider or postal company. So if the parcel has delivery problem in your country, you should contact your local post office and inquire about parcel delivery.


Six capital letters abbriviation is used lớn denote International Mail Processing Centers và you can find detailed information about any sorting center your parcel currently located in at International Mail Sorting Centers

Track Shipments by Any Courier or Postal Service

A courier company is responsible for the delivery of packages, documents, & mail between two parties. Unlike state-operated post offices, courier delivery services are usually privately-owned companies that offer more competitive sầu services such as door-to-door package delivery 7 days a week, with some even boasting 24/7 services. Most couriers will also offer same day or next day package delivery and international package delivery services at more attractive prices.