Explainer: What is Tumblr?

What is Tumblr?

As they say themselves, “Tumblr lets you effortlessly mô tả anything. Post text, photos, quotes, liên kết, music, & videos from your browser, phone, desktop, tin nhắn or wherever you happen to be.” It is a cross between a social networking site (like Facebook & Twitter) & a blog. It is often described as ‘microblog’ as people usually post short snippets of text & quick snaps as opposed khổng lồ longer diary style entries found in more traditional blogs.

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Tumblr appears lớn have a younger user demographic in comparison with other social networks. To register for a Tumblr blog, you must be over thirteen years of age.

Currently hosting over 217 million separate blogs with 4đôi mươi million users, Tumblr has been around since early 2007 và was purchased by Yahoo in 2013 for $1.1 billion.

How vày Kids use Tumblr?

UPDATE: The Digital Age of Consent in Ireland is phối at 16 years of age. If you are under 16, you must have consent of a parent or guardian. 

The Tumblr ethos is lớn encourage users khổng lồ create their own content and to interact with other like-minded souls. Teens are embracing it; they use it lớn follow their interests and express themselves. It’s easy to lớn mix up shared accounts for collaborative sầu postings và it’s also possible lớn allow other Tumblr users to post lớn your blog. Tumblr users will tell you, it allows for more creative expression than the other big social networking sites.

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Basically, young people create a website page that is a collection of all the things they like. They can post images, music clips, text và also re-blog from other Tumblr feeds they find interesting. They customise the look và feel of their personal page so that it reflects their personality. Most Tumblr users follow & keep up lớn date with certain topics they are interested in. It’s also very easy khổng lồ interact with other Tumblr users & to lớn comment on their blogs and nội dung some of their posts on your own protệp tin. All this makes it very appealing to lớn teens who are toying with concepts of identity and trying to connect with like-minded souls.

This is a typical Tumblr page:


What Parents need khổng lồ know about Tumblr

Seen as being more creative than other forms of social truyền thông, Tumblr has been embraced by those interested in expressing their artistic side. This wealth of creative content does have sầu its drawbacks. It is extremely easy khổng lồ come across hardcore pornography on the site as Tumblr is a totally open & non filtered platform. Tumblr blogs are not screened or moderated in any way by Tumblr HQ, which means that anyone who uses the site could come across unsavoury content, including pornography và other explicit material.

All Tumblr blogs are public by mặc định and once a Tumblr profile is phối up, a public blog is automatically generated. However, a second blog can be mix up which can be kept private. The creative sầu core of Tumblr encourages users to interact with each other and bình luận on each others blogs. If this isn’t your cup of tea, it’s possible to bloông chồng users from interacting with you on Tumblr. But, you can’t stop them from viewing your blog.