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Like most unicorns, YouTube isn"t perfect. Its comment sections are famously noxious, its algorithms proliferate conspiracy theories, its filters fail khổng lồ protect kids" feeds, & its ad-revenue-sharing Mã Sản Phẩm props up problematic vloggers. But it also has hydraulic press videos. And lo-fi hip-hop beats khổng lồ study/relax khổng lồ. And a dude lip-syncing TGIF theme songs while sitting on the toilet.

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For better or for worse, YouTube is the ultimate time-waster, the place you go when you literally have to watch the Howard Dean scream right now & the place you remain an hour later after the rabbit hole you descended eventually spat you out on an "80s video clip dating montage. Sometimes, if enough people deem a particular video undeniably watchable all at once, it becomes a phenomenon with the cultural cachet to lớn demand that you take notice and catalog it as a historical event. That"s what caught us: When does a YouTube đoạn Clip turn from merely a YouTube Clip inkhổng lồ a great YouTube video? And which great YouTube videos over the years are the greatest?

In compiling this all-important ranking, we traveled baông chồng to the dawn of YouTube (2005!) và worked our way forward, amassing a daunting trove sầu of liên kết và whittling them down lớn the absolute best, funniest, most subversively "online" 100 videos. We largely avoided music videos, website series, tutorials, and sketch comedy, wells so deep they deserve separate rankings of their own. And with apologies to the TGIF theme tuy nhiên guy, we also stuck khổng lồ bona fide YouTube hits.

As you scroll through the cavalcade of videos on this danh mục, you"ll encounter viral videos you definitely rethành viên, viral videos you definitely forgot, selections that have sầu aged lượt thích fine wines, & a few relics from less enlightened times that, on their own terms, still have sầu merit. Not every viral đoạn phim is great, & not every great Clip goes super-viral. We"ve sầu almost certainly left off your personal favorite. At the over of the day, what makes a YouTube video great? Like most treasures online, you know it when you see it.


100. "Evolution of Dance"

One of the fundamental lies of the internet is that all the information you"ll ever need can be crammed inkhổng lồ a manageable space. "Evolution of Dance," a đoạn Clip of motivational speaker Judson Laipply contorting his limbs along lớn a series of late 20th-century pop hits, makes an implicit promise with its title & doesn"t completely deliver. But, like many YouTube folk heroes, he delivers a type of strained, well-meaning earnestness instead. Forget Jimmy Fallon và Justin Timberlake"s smarmy "History of Rap." Let Laipply be your CliffNotes-loving professor.


99. "Charlie The Unicorn"

The original "Charlie the Unicorn" video clip is equal parts amusing và creepy, và it"s literal proof that nothing made sense in the mid-2000s. The animated short follows three unicorns -- one of whom is named Charlie -- as they journey lớn Candy Mountain per the instructions of a liopleurodon. Once the trio makes it to lớn their destination, things don"t go as planned: Charlie ends up getting his kidney stolen after getting knocked out in a cave sầu. The debut popularity of "Charlie the Unicorn" led lớn a four-episode series.


98. "Shoes the Full Version"

With "Shoes," comedian Liam Kyle Sullivan introduced the world khổng lồ his alter ego "Kelly" and her love for, well, shoes. It was the mid-2000s, during what you might consider the web comedy boom, and viewers instantly connected lớn the mesmerizing music video and its unsettlingly relatable character. (Doesn"t everyone know a Kelly? Don"t you have some Kelly in you?) Catapulted to lớn mạng internet fame, Sullivan would go on lớn nab a People"s Choice Award, as well as plaudits from other popular comedians of the period, including Andy Samberg and Margaret Cho. Though his output has cooled in the years since, "Shoes" remains a timeless send-up of that all-too-familiar stateside materialism.


97. "So Your Cat Wants A Massage?"

In 2009, the đoạn phim collective known as Everything Is Terrible! unearthed footage of an extremely earnest woman explaining how khổng lồ give sầu a mas sa to lớn your cát. Wearing a ludicrously patterned blazer, she uses her manicured nails khổng lồ rub her cat’s face as she proclaims a "Whisker Watch Alert is in effect here." This lady is actually Maryjean Ballner, who released the a tape titled "Your Cat Wants A Massage!" in 1999, followed by a dog-centric version. Maryjean was not ashamed by the renewed attention that YouTube brought her. She reached out to Everything Is Terrible! and parlayed her internet fame into an appearance on Letterman.


96. "ASMR Role Play - Caring và Supportive Funky Kong Gives You A Ride trang chủ From The Airport"

For some, ASMR is a kind of drug, and content in which users practice "autonomous sensory meridian response" by whispering, eating, or making other soft noises proliferates on YouTube. Baông xã in 2014, user docfuture1 enlisted Funky Kong, of Donkey Kong Country, for these purposes creating a scenario in which the character picks "you" up from the airport & takes you trang chủ. Funky "loves you," but you may not love sầu him if you can’t stvà the sound of smacking gum.

95. "bowl cut maintenance.wmv"

Beamed in from Malibu, California, somewhere on spaceship Earth, the Illusion (née Hamish Patterson) decided 2011 was as good a time as any to lớn grace everyone with his bowl cut tips. The tips actually wouldn"t turn out lớn be that great (as you"ll see, he "farms" it), but what happened after this fateful upload -- the brutally honest vlogs, the start of a City Council bid, the Boggelz -- was. After 2011, the door opened for an inspiring (& baffling) ascent to mạng internet stardom, & in the years since Patterson"s questionable ex-hair-iment, the 48-year-old skater dude has morphed into lớn an activist of sorts, a dad, &, truly, something resembling "YouTube’s cult philosopher king." "It’s a trip, man, to lớn think about everything that’s led me khổng lồ this point," he recently told Mel Magazine of his journey. "I had khổng lồ pull my head outta my ass to get here. And that bowl cut video clip was really something."

94. POKÉMON Detective Pikachu: Full Picture

Ryan Reynolds" penchant for stunt kinh doanh paid off when he retweeted a YouTube link posted by a fake-looking trương mục purporting to lớn leak his movie Detective Pikachu. Of course, it was all just an elaborate Rick-Roll: Not long inkhổng lồ the "leak," it switches over from what would seem lượt thích the real beginning of the movie lớn a looped clip of Detective sầu Pikachu rocking the hell out lớn an upbeat synth trachồng for the remaining hour và 40 minutes of the đoạn phim. Probably because the animators absolutely nailed the dance moves & committed facial expressions, the nhảy Pikachu Clip took off as tons of people layered their own tuy vậy of choice over our excited Poké-friover.

93. "grape stomping fail"

You probably don"t even have to lớn hit play on this clip lớn remember what it"s all about. For people of a certain age, just reading "grape stomping fail," will send the "Oh, oh, ohs" of Grape Lady, aka FOX 5 News reporter Melissa Sander, echoing through the ears. Sadly, Sander was really hurt -- she fractured a couple ribs -- but that didn"t stop the cruel mạng internet from spawning countless derivatives và parodies (including a Keyboard Cat mash-up, Family Guy, &, of course, Auto-Tune). Online can be a merciless place.

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92. "Numa Numa"

Once the moral panic surrounding the current crop of exceedingly dumb influencers dies down, YouTube"s lasting legacy will likely be its ability to manufacture fame from potentially embarrassing, ultimately mundane human moments. The "numa numa" video, which features an excitable young man named Gary Brolsma singing along lớn the catchy Romanian pop track "Dragostea Din Tei," isn"t funny because Brolsma is doing anything extraordinary. He"s just a 19-year-old making silly faces and throwing his hands up in the air like you do in the privacy of your bathroom or in a oto at a stoplight. But unlượt thích all your lip-synch adventures, his was viewed over 700 million times.


Lil B the Based God has long been a beacon of positivity online, aside from occasionally issuing curses, first making a reverberating splash with a series of how-lớn videos on the cooking dance. Over these 10 minutes, he walks viewers through what it takes to become a real master chef, a process that is to be taken deadly seriously lest you also receive the curse of the Based God.

90. "Little Girl Regrets Trying Wasabi"

What you are about khổng lồ watch is an accidental masterpiece, one that firmly, easily cements this kid in YouTube’s Baby Hall of Fame. Everything from the worrisome face và the pronunciation of "Wa-sha-bi" to lớn the nibble & that tiny Gọi for help are so, so good. In fact, we"ve sầu probably all been this poor soul at one point in our lives -- trying something we know we shouldn’t và learning the hard way. The big difference is not many people have sầu natural comedic timing that’s this damn good. We say give sầu her a trophy (& maybe some milk).

89. "Wilford Brimley - The Beetis"

Look, diabetes is no joke. But the word "diabetes," when pronounced how laconic Cocoon actor Wilford Brimley drawls it in a series of commercials for Liberty Medical Supply, became an internet obsession in the 2000s, especially after it spawned the vexingly catchy song "The Beetis" in 2006 và many follow-up remixes và YTMND posts. Brimley, a reliably low-key Twitter presence at age 83, seems to be cool with "diabeetus" being part of his legacy, along with his gruff acting style & his resemblance to lớn cats, so go ahead and keep replying to lớn every single question with either "You know, I have sầu diabeetus" or "These are my testing supplies." As Brimley himself famously said in another ad campaign, "It"s the right thing khổng lồ vị."

88. "Stealing Hearts for Self-Defense"

2017"s Persona 5, a popular JRPG series for PlayStation, has a jazzy soundtrachồng and recognizable gameplay that made it rife for meme-ing. The internet best took advantage of this parodying Persona 5"s battle thực đơn, spawning the unlikely the mash-up with a 1994 episode of The Simpsons in which Homer drops in on Moe teaching a class called "Funk Dancing for Self-Defense." Two insanely specific references meet in one viral đoạn Clip that"s only funny for 1/115th of the population.

87. "OK Go - Here It Goes Again"

YouTube helped decimate the blockbuster music video clip by slashing production budgets & making clips less commercially viable on platforms like MTV và VH1. Elaborate videos like Michael Jackson"s "Thriller" or Madonna"s "Express Yourself" were replaced by thrifty, low-concept experiments lượt thích this clip from the power-pop group OK Go. The band"s members bởi vì some creative sầu choreography on treadmills, showing off their brightly colored outfits as they hop and run around, and the camera never moves from its stationary position. Like the work of Spike Jonze or Michel Gondry, it does a lot with a little. Increasingly, that would become the go-to approach for even bigger name stars looking to make a splash.

86. "RickRoll"d"

Indiscriminately clicking on liên kết was dicey and definitely discouraged by IT managers everywhere long before practical jokers weaponized Richồng Astley"s earnest 1987 pop hit "Never Gonna Give sầu You Up" in 2007, arguably the single greatest year for viral videos. But the insidious beauty of Rickrolling was that the links arrived not from a purported Nigerian prince but from a friend or another trusted person who used their insider knowledge about you lớn deploy the phishy gambit effectively. (Astley himself even fell for it.) Chances are, ever since you got burned once or a few times by this irritating, harmless gag, you haven"t clicked on an unidentifiable link without at least thinking you were about to hear those staccalớn drum beats when you landed on the destination page, even if it turned out to be the first trailer for trò chơi of Thrones" final season.


The most endearing, G-rated fail đoạn Clip you"ll ever find, and the description says it all:- Tying lớn thin some too thichồng liên hệ cement, causes me to lớn be a little stuông xã up.- Probably this was a bad idea?

84. "Dramatic Chipmunk"

Before it inspired GIFs và remixes, this was just a simple, beautiful five-second clip: The chipmunk turns around và gives you the eye. You know "the eye" when you see it. According khổng lồ our research, the đoạn Clip can be sourced lớn the Japanese series Hello! Morning & the animal featured in it isn"t actually a chipmunk. It"s a prairie dog. That"s OK. What matters is that this little creature is up lớn no good.

83. "Susan Boyle: I Dreamed A Dream - Britain"s Got Talent 2009"

YouTube is a great place to lớn watch highly edited compilation videos of people falling on their faces, but it"s also a repository for human joy. Even if you typically avoid singing competition shows or hate Broadway songs, Scottish singer Susan Boyle"s performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" on Britain"s Got Talent in 2009 is worth watching in its entirety. She brings the yearning drama of the tuy vậy to life và the clip itself serves as a reminder of why we turn on the television or open up YouTube on a good day: that sense of discovery.

82. "Drunk History vol. 1 - Featuring Michael Cera"

Though many of the Drunk History segments that have sầu come in this one"s wake are far better, we must pay our respects to lớn the OG. The very first volume, with Michael Cera starring as a dueling Alexander Hamilton và Mark Gagliardi stumbling through the narration with his good frikết thúc Scotch, sets the tone và the bar for what would come next. Concocted by Derek Waters, it was the kind of mad experiment that was destined for success, và thank God, because without it, we wouldn’t have the Comedy Central show we know & love today.