How to do a 5s audit with your iphone


You’re almost there: 5S principles have been implemented in all workstations & offices throughout the plant, và all employees have all the necessary tools to work efficiently và safely. The last step? Applying the 5th S, Sustain (Shitsuke in Japanese), recurrently. We have sầu tested five sầu applications for you that will help you accomplish this task.

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5S, organization method of workstations

To put yourself in the situation, let’s take a look at this table to lớn get a better idea of ​​what are the 5S và where the follow-up is compared to lớn 4 others. Clichồng on the image to lớn enlarge it and print it as needed.

The 5th S: sustain

The last S is often perceived as the hardest lớn apply, as it involves remaining steadfast in keeping up good practices. As such, it’s often the most neglected.

The process is akin to someone who decides khổng lồ start training khổng lồ get in shape. The person chooses the best way to reach their objectives, develops a plan, và acts on it. If the initial plan is not followed & the person derails from their goals, the result (getting into shape) is compromised. As such, the “Sustain” step of the 5S calls upon self-discipline to lớn continue good habits. Without this 5th pillar, the efficiency of the other S’s is reduced.

We tested five apps for you

To make the job more comfortable for the manager who will guide each employee in evaluating their workstation, here are a few applications lớn help carry out the audit & the follow-up after the audit. They can be installed on a điện thoại thông minh or tablet.

The Smartphone phầm mềm is essential for a 5S audit. There are several available for iPhone or Android, và we have sầu reviewed a few of them for you.

1- 5S Workspace phân tích và đo lường by Tulip

Tulip offers a variety of tools that can scan data from your business’ production line. This development platkhung allows businesses khổng lồ create specific versions of applications, including unique evaluation, 5S audits, primary cause analysis, & visual management.(Visit their website site)

(Source: Tulip

Tulip offers a variety of tools that can scan data from your business’ production line. This development platsize allows businesses to create specific versions of applications, including chất lượng evaluation, 5S audits, primary cause analysis, & visual management.

Here are the Tulip app’s features:

Create step-by-step instructions for your 5S audit that can be quickly followed by operators.Incorporate pictures, videos, CAD, và other multimedia khổng lồ guide workers through the audit process.Easily define interactive forms lớn standardize workstation organization.Provide automatic scores for the audit and trachồng progress over time.Let operators và supervisors provide feedbaông xã within the apps.Connect your audit apps with IoT sensors, such as temperature và humidity, lớn ensure the right working conditions are being met.Monitor audit compliance by worker, team, or area & visually traông xã progress over time.Through the “Connectors” feature, make action items visible to the entire team, & traông xã progress against the action items.

Source: Tulip (

2- Lean 5S App(Visit their web site)

Source Appli Lean 5S:

The Lean 5S ứng dụng is a question-and-answer based Mã Sản Phẩm where the answers are selected from world-renown best practices by lean manufacturing experts. The questions cannot be personalized with the tiện ích, contrary lớn the other apps we reviewed. The only way lớn bởi so is by mandating Lean 5S App khổng lồ bởi it for you. The ứng dụng is available in 4 languages: English, French, Spanish, & Portuguese.

Here are the available options:

Carry out a 5S audit broken down in 5 groups of 5 questions, thus giving you 25 questions that will guide you in searching for improvement opportunities.Follow the evolution in time of the audit’s result for a given perimeterGet tips on how lớn bởi a 5S construction siteConfigure auditors and perimetersFilter past audits by perimeter, obhệ thống or dateCreate a phokhổng lồ gallery relevant lớn the perimeter khổng lồ see the evolution from a visual standpointPlan countermeasures with pilots và deadlinesReport gaps that have sầu been immediately correctedSet the time period you have available for the audit & be informed of the remaining timeGet an overall score of your 5S audit & a detailed score by groupExport your reports in PDF and fives formatsImport other 5S audits done on other devices fives formatSkết thúc the audit in one cliông chồng to pre-registered recipientsRead the audit in the language of choice

(Source Appli Lean 5S:

3- GoCanvas

(Visit their web site)

The GoCanvas tiện ích provides continuity of audits, thereby ensuring consistency with regards to lớn cleanliness, organization, & efficiency in your work environment. GoCanvas audits adapt lớn all work sectors. This tool can help oversee the chất lượng of your work environment on a sustained & ongoing basis và a way for work teams to adhere to lớn established standards.

The apps for each audit type can be built very intuitively and vày not require in-depth programming know-how. All you need khổng lồ bởi is drag-and-drop the features you want in the ứng dụng, và give sầu them the desired shape (calculator, drop-down thực đơn, checkboxes, barcode, calendar, photos, etc.). These features distinguish GoCanvas from the rest of the apps. Its customer service is also noteworthy.

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Here are the app’s main features:

App builderImage captureSignature captureCalculationsGPSBarcode scanningthiết bị di động paymentsUpload a database


4- iAuditor – by SafetyCulture

At Flexpipe, we use iAuditor, which we consider to lớn be ahy vọng the best apps on the market. Its intuitive sầu and adaptive sầu interface can manage audits in other sectors, not only 5S audits. iAuditor also focuses on safety và inspections. You can prepare your audit Model on the iPad và subsequently use it on your smartphone. Several audit models are suggested in the app’s library.

Bye-bye paper! You can write your notes directly in the phầm mềm for each cống phẩm evaluated.

Rémày uses the ứng dụng to document Gabriel’s workstation và add photos lớn it.

Pictures of the workstation being evaluated can be taken in the app and linked to lớn the element being evaluated. These pictures act as proof & as a reference to lớn instill discipline. They can also be used as illustrative purposes for the team when posted on information boards.

Here are iAuditor’s features:

SMART FORMS: The drag & drop template builder makes it easy lớn create customized formsINSPECTIONS: Complete inspections from anywhere on any di động or tablet deviceWORKFLOWS: Build workflows lớn manage your inspection và reporting proceduresREPORTING & ANALYTICS: Detailed inspection reports to get insights và fix problems fasterINTEGRATIONS: Connect iAuditor to lớn your business software systemsSITESNEW: Know how your sites are performing in real-time.

Once the audit is finished, the tiện ích produces a report which can be quickly sent by tin nhắn or printed for use at a later date.

Download a 5S audit report done at Flexpipe

The perception of a 5S audit

Managers have much lớn gain by promoting a positive sầu image of a 5S audit. It’s not a question of a verification; instead, it’s more about ensuring that existing standards are respected. It must be perceived as a way lớn make the employee’s work easier.

This workstation was cleaned after a Kaizen at Flexpipe.

We sat down with Éric, who is a team leader & assembler at Flexpipe. After receiving training on 5S principles, audits now make perfect sense to hyên ổn. He actively participated in standardizing workstations. The efficiency he gained following the standardization process translated into a significant reduction of production time. Where he once walked between 5 và 6 km per day on the production floor, that number is now between 3 and 3.5 km. Also, given that there is less handling to vì chưng, the risk of injury has decreased. He is convinced that audits are necessary so that the benefits keep paying off following the changes.

Éric concludes by saying: “In the spur of the moment, we tover to choose the easy way out. It’s easy lớn stray from the standardization that was implemented and revert khổng lồ old habits. In the over, it’s a losing proposition. Audits are a way of reminding us of this.”

The lachồng of discipline và rigor comes at a high price for manufacturing companies. Material that is only used occasionally is, ultimately, an unnecessary expense. Furthermore, work-related accidents are insurance costly. One can conclude that the benefits of upholding standards are measured in dollars, energy spent, space occupied, and are, as a result, not negligible.



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