a principal base of operations or activities: The new stadium will be the trang chính of the local football team.

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Sports. played in a ball park, aremãng cầu, or the lượt thích, that is or is assumed to be the center of operations of a team: The pitcher didn't đại bại a single trang chủ game all season.Compare away (def. 11).
Nautical. into lớn the position desired; perfectly or to lớn the greakiểm tra possible extent: sails sheeted trang chủ. in the proper, stowed position: The anchor is home page. toward its vessel: to bring the anchor trang chính.
home in on, (of guided missiles, aircraft, etc.) to proceed, especially under control of an automatic aiming mechanism, toward a specified target, as a plane, missile, or location: The bomb homed in on the bridge. to lớn direct one’s attention or energies toward: The committee quickly homed in on the relevant details.

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at trang chủ, in one's own house or place of residence. in one's own town or country. prepared or willing to receive sầu social visits: Tell hyên ổn I'm not at home page. We are always at trang chính to her. in a situation familiar to one; at ease: She has a way of making everyone feel at home. well-informed; proficient: khổng lồ be at home page in the classics. played in one's hometown or on one's own grounds: The Yankees played two games at trang chủ và one away.
bring home page lớn, to lớn make evident to; clarify or emphakích cỡ for: The irrevocability of her decision was brought home page lớn her.
trang chủ không lấy phí, assured of finishing, accomplishing, succeeding, etc.: If we can finish more than half the work today, we'll be home miễn phí. certain khổng lồ be successfully finished, accomplished, secured, etc.: With most of the voters supporting it, the new law is home miễn phí.
write trang chủ about, to phản hồi especially on; remark on: The town was nothing to write home page about. His cooking is really something lớn write home about.
First recorded before 900; Middle English hom, Old English hām (noun và adverb); cognate with Dutch heim, Old Norse heimr, Danish hjem, Swedish hem, German Helặng “home page,” Gothic haims “village”; akin khổng lồ haunt
Homans' sign, homatropine, homaxial, hombre, homburg, trang chủ, trang chủ aid, home-alone, home automation, trang chủ banking, trang chính base

Home is a noun that refers khổng lồ the place where a person or animal lives. Home can also mean a location where something is native sầu or very comtháng. Home is also used as an adverb lớn describe something that occurs khổng lồ, toward, or at a trang chủ. Home has many other senses as a noun, adjective, và adverb.

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The place where you live sầu is your home. Animals also have homes. A nest is a bee’s home, for example.

Home is a synonym of the word house. However, home is often used to lớn imply that a person is emotionally attached to lớn the place they live sầu and feels a sense of comfort there. While house can also refer to an empty building, home usually describes a building that is occupied.

Real-life examples: Houses, apartments, & condominiums are buildings that are used for homes. Animals make their homes in water, trees, caves, grass, underground, và elsewhere.Used in a sentence: I invited my friends to lớn a buổi tiệc nhỏ at my trang chủ. 

Home can also refer to a place where something is common or originates from.

Real-life examples: The United States is the home of baseball. Israel is home lớn many religious sites. Social media is the home of most of our favorite Internet memes.Used in a sentence: Japan is the trang chủ of my heart. 

As an adverb, home describes something that is happening at a home or happening lớn a home.

Real-life examples: When school is over, children go home. When people are sick, they might decide to stay home & not go khổng lồ work. Military spouses often wait for their partners to return home.Used in a sentence: She waited for her brother to come trang chủ before ordering pizza.