From co-watching events to lớn voice search, explore the top trends & new features mix khổng lồ take over Youtube this year.

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By Kelsie Rimmer

20đôi mươi was a heông chồng of a year for YouTube. Throughout the global pandemic, the world turned lớn đoạn phim to replace in-person events và activities – and as a result, the platform’s popularity has absolutely skyrocketed. In this feature, we’ll explore the hotkiểm tra YouTube trends emerging online in 2021.

With 300 hours of đoạn phim now being uploaded to YouTube every minute and more than 2 billion monthly users, YouTube trends are constantly evolving – and with SO much video content being produced and promoted by creators across the platkhung, it’s more important than ever lớn stay ahead of the lathử nghiệm YouTube crazes to ensure that your content stands out.

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From lower third templates khổng lồ end screens and channel art designs, Elements offers the ultimate YouTube toolkit, including stoông chồng footage and motion graphics to enhance your Clip projects. Ready to go? Here are the top video trends and marketing tactics taking over YouTube in 2021…

With many events going virtual over the last year, co-watching events have really taken off. People are sharing their viewing experiences khổng lồ create a feeling of togetherness in the midst of social distancing. And with many streaming services now offering features such as ‘viewing parties’, we expect to lớn see this trkết thúc continue well inkhổng lồ 2021 and beyond.

Taking this trend one step further, viewers are now even tuning in lớn watch their favorite personalities watch sporting events, concerts & other live events on YouTube – as seen in this Arsenal vs Newcastle | Watch Along Live by AFTV. More than a quarter of a million football fans switched on lớn watch a group of experts view the action as the Arsenal and Newcastle players battled it out, even adding their sporting analysis to the live sầu chat.

“Sometimes what’s going on around an event is just as important as what’s taking center stage,’ explains’s đoạn Clip producer Eduarbởi vì Flores. “Whether it’s having a laugh at a comedy show, singing your favorite song at a concert or celebrating a last-minute goal with strangers at a football stadium, with co-watching events, you get lớn interact with other viewers through live sầu chat and watch your favorite YouTubers provide commentary in real-time – making the watch buổi tiệc ngọt a communal experience that creates a sense of community và belonging.”

If you want to lớn ramp up the excitement for your YouTube viewers, make your sports videos stvà out on-screen with this easy-to-customise Sport Night Opener by 333pix. Whether your channel revolves around trang chủ runs or slam dunks, a professional intro to each & every match will have sầu you pumping up those channel numbers in no time.

Short, snackable đoạn Clip nội dung has become all the rage on social platforms lượt thích Instagram & TikTok, so it was only a matter of time before YouTube followed suit. And in response khổng lồ Smartphone đoạn phim consumption going up by 100% every year, YouTube has launched a range of features making it even easier lớn consume videos on the go.

Recently rolled out on mobile và desktop, the Chapters feature enables viewers to lớn skip lớn key sections of a video, for efficient viewing. Similarly, YouTube Shorts are 60-second vertical videos ikhuyến mãi for creators who want to lớn shoot short, catchy videos optimized for a mobile-viewing experience. Long story short – snappy, on-the-go video clip is quickly becoming one of YouTube’s hotdemo trends

“With sản phẩm điện thoại devices dominating the online landscape, it’s changed the way the content hosted on YouTube is consumed – và the đoạn phim hosting giant has realised that!” says’s Video Marketing Speciadanh mục Jen McKinnon. “People are watching on-the-go và YouTube is now bending khổng lồ that user preference by introducing features that optimise the experience for their busy users.

Yes, from a user perspective sầu YouTube’s priority is to lớn deliver content that is valuable to the consumer but the real motivation behind their algorithm is to get users khổng lồ stay on the platform for longer. The more features & formats available to the everyday user, the more chance YouTube has of getting them to stiông chồng around, which is why we see feature releases lượt thích YouTube Shorts, which is YouTube’s answer lớn Instagram or Facebook Stories.”

If you want to give sầu on-the-go video clip a go, a vertical Clip opener like Upbeat Instagram Opener by bubbledance is a great place to lớn start. This edgy và instantly engaging template enables you khổng lồ cut together animated text and video clip clips lớn set the tone for your video or channel.

Don’t want to lớn film a short đoạn phim yourself? Check out Mixkit’s collection of Free Vertical Videos khổng lồ start creating videos on the go!

Have you got a competitive side? Then this trend is for you! From chilli eating contests, to makeup challenges, khổng lồ viral dance routines, đoạn phim creators are challenging themselves – and each other – more and more in a bid to entertain audiences. Typically, these challenge videos feature two people going head-to-head using a split screen format.

The trover is well demonstrated in this Edit Race Series by Benny Productions – in which digital artists are challenged khổng lồ outwit and out-edit channel owner, Benny Van Valen. Tasked with manipulating the same set of photos inlớn a new image, the contestants’ Photocửa hàng screens are positioned side-by-side khổng lồ allow viewers lớn watch every stage of the process. Before their eyes, audiences watch as an ordinary pholớn is transformed inkhổng lồ an entirely different composition.

To try out the challenge trkết thúc in your next YouTube đoạn Clip, check out this easy-to-use Multi Screen Frames Pachồng by Media_Stoông chồng. You can use it to lớn feature multiple people, or opt for a straightforward split screen.

And don’t forget to lớn kiểm tra out Episode 1 of Turbo Tips featuring Benny Productions khổng lồ learn how khổng lồ create a composite in Photocửa hàng.

While YouTube was once a black hole of cats, fail videos & amateur makeup gurus, highly branded channels have totally taken over the platkhung over the last few years.

“YouTube is no longer just home page khổng lồ cat videos và your cousin Jessica’s wedding đoạn Clip,” explains Jen. “People are making big money on the platform &, as a result, no matter whether you’re a big brvà or an individual, in order khổng lồ stand out the nội dung from your channel needs lớn be instantly recognizable.”

Highly branded foodie channel Good Mythical Morning has amassed a whopping 16.9 million subscribers, & from their channel banner & hình ảnh sản phẩm to lớn the branded coffee mugs on the hosts’ desk, they never miss an opportunity to remind viewers of who they are. The same goes for YouTube beauty guru James Charles, whose 25 million subscribers could recognize his channel at the drop of a makeup brush. Featuring a branded profile phokhổng lồ and banner, his channel immediately establishes what it’s all about.

If you want lớn take your YouTube channel to the next màn chơi, it’s important to first establish a svào visual identity. Creating a consistent brvà for your YouTube channel và video clip nội dung will help audiences recognize your work, leading to more views & more subscribers.

Chechồng out these fully customisable Fashion Youtube Banners by Gioraphics, these Top 10 YouTube Banner Templates or these MixKit end screen templates to see your subscriptions soar!

Want khổng lồ reel in more views on your videos? It’s all in the thumbnail! While thumbnails may be small, they can make or break a video’s performance. The more eye-catching the thumbnail, the more clicks và views your Clip will get. As a result, we’re seeing video creators increase the contrast in their thumbnails lớn make them really st& out.

For example, videos uploaded by The Futur Channel are extremely click-worthy due to their block-color backgrounds, high-contrast images và impossible-to-ignore sans serif fonts.Meanwhile, Benny Productions’ edit race thumbnails are made to lớn build anticipation. The high-contrast, ultra-saturated designs feature the Photoshop hình ảnh và a before và after of the edited images so that the nội dung of every đoạn Clip is immediately apparent.

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Customizing your thumbnail is a surefire way of attracting attention khổng lồ your videos. In fact, according to YouTube, 90% of top-performing videos use a custom thumbnail. Grab attention with this Gaming Youtube Thumbnails Pack 07 by Odin_Design featuring retro fonts, futuristic backgrounds and reflective elements. Or learn more about integrating high contrast color into lớn your next video with our Bright and Bold blog!

To get views on your YouTube videos, they’ve got to be easy lớn find! As Google is constantly striving khổng lồ enhance user experience, it’s no surprise that YouTube has also introduced a number of features lớn make searching for videos easier. One of which is Voice Search.

By simply clicking the microphone icon next khổng lồ the YouTube tìm kiếm box, users can now search for videos with their voice. This feature has seen a rise in long-tail keywords on the platsize. Unlike the stem từ khóa which are typed inlớn the tìm kiếm bar, long-tail từ khóa usually make a full sentence or question. As voice tìm kiếm continues lớn rise, creators should pay attention lớn these long-tail keywords as they are much easier to lớn rank for.

“As much as YouTube may appear khổng lồ be an entertainment platkhung or even a social network, it is a search engine first and foremost,” Jen notes. “And, just as Google grows, the tìm kiếm functions on YouTube are always developing, too. This year I’m predicting we’ll see voice search start making an impact on the findability of video content, with long-tail keywords beginning to see more tìm kiếm volume on the YouTube platkhung.”

“While YouTube is not a social platsize, it certainly borrows heavily from Facebook, Instagram & Twitter,” Jen continues. “The platsize has, for a while, had hashtag functionality but, with the launch of hashtag landing pages in early 2021, I think this will be the year that the functionality will really take off, with creators trying to rank their nội dung not only in the search results pages but on hashtag landing pages too.”

If you’re a nội dung creator, it may be worth familiarizing yourself with Google’s lathử nghiệm ranking matrix, Chip Core Web Vitals – one of our big Marketing Trends predictions pegged for 2021.

YouTube has become a major destination for gaming & eSports tournaments. Just last year, YouTube Gaming generated over 100 billion hours of watch time & over 40 million active gaming channels, suggesting that the gaming livestream trend is far from reaching game-over.

Showcasing games like Minecraft, Fortnite and Garena Free Fire, livestreams allow gamers lớn broadcast all around the world, earning popular users hundreds và thousands of subscribers (& dollars) in the process. For example, SSundee is famous on YouTube for sharing Minecraft tips & Fortnite Battle Royale videos with his 16 million subscribers. SSundee’s uploads are now highly anticipated by his subscribers, who tune in again và again lớn pick-up winning tactics.

To create your own gaming channel và beat out the competition, this Gamer channel opener by Videostones will help you amp up anticipation. Or, try one of our 10 Best Gaming Music Tracks to lớn phối the mood for your livestreams.

Thanks to platforms like YouTube, it’s now super easy for anyone khổng lồ film a đoạn phim & cốt truyện it with an online audience. And as being a creator becomes increasingly accessible, we’re seeing more và more unusual creators gain notoriety.

Grandfather Tikhổng lồ Charly became an overnight YouTube sensation when he started posting videos of himself preparing Mexican dishes. Now, his weekly cooking sessions – filmed in Tito’s kitchen in Monterrey – have attracted thousands of views. Also proving that age is no barrier is Gamer Grandma Hamako Mori, who recently entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest YouTube videobạn. Subscribers constantly tune in to see the 90-year-old unbox new consoles and livestream games such as Grand Theft Auto lớn và Skyryên ổn.

The success of both of these mould-breaking creators shows that the democratization of YouTube is officially here, & it’s a trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

“When you think about it, YouTube is really just a massive sầu broadcasting network where the audience are the executives calling the shots,” explains Jen.

“With recording, editing & publishing đoạn Clip becoming so accessible to just about anyone, it really opens the door khổng lồ notoriety for personalities who ordinarily wouldn’t get a look-in on your traditional broadcast channels due to the risks associated. With YouTube there is no risk. The audience is boundless &, through views, watchtime, comments and likes, a democracy is formed.”

While YouTubers và vloggers come dime a dozen, the rise of the V-Tuber – or Virtual YouTuber – is changing our perception of content creators. These computer-generated, anime-inspired avatars first rose lớn prominence in nhật bản, with Tokyo-based digital production company Activ8 bringing prominent V-Tuber Kizuna Ai to lớn life.

One of the first ever V-Tubers, Kizuna’s A.I.Channel – where she shares her lademo music singles, dance moves and thoughts on everything from fitness và dating to bubble tea – now has over three million subscribers. She even invites other VTubers lớn make challenge videos & has her own livestream gaming channel.

Meanwhile, the second most-watched virtual YouTube star in nhật bản – pop star Kaguya Luna Official – contrasts Kizuna’s ultra-feminine aesthetic with her high-energy punk-rock performances & wicked sense of humour. Look out YouTubers – the V-Tubers are coming for you!

And finally, from Making a Murderer to lớn Planet Earth, there’s no denying that we all love sầu a good documentary series. As opposed khổng lồ documentary films that last around 90 minutes, a docuseries allows filmmakers to lớn dive deep inkhổng lồ their subject matter và create hours upon hours worth of entertainment. Whether they’re released to audiences episode-by episode or dropped all in one go, docuseries are an incredibly captivating form of content – và they’re starting lớn trkết thúc on YouTube big time.

For example, the Building a Brand Series by The Futur follows the Hamilton family as they embark on a mission to relaunch the branding for their brewery.

While YouTube’s recent four-part docuseries NikkieTutorials: Layers Of Me, lifts the veil on the struggles that popular YouTube beauty guru Nikkie De Jager faced throughout her rise lớn fame, & the challenge she faced coming out as transgender to her community. Already a phenomenal success, each tear-jerking episode has generated nearly four million views since it was published in January 2021.

“On Youtube, I’ve sầu been seeing documentary-style explainer videos being really successful recently,” says Hakan from ‘A huge advantage of using stock footage for these videos is that you don’t even have to shoot them yourself – you can just apply a nice voice-over without even being on camera (perfect for those without much on-camera experience). These videos gather a lot of watch time & get suggested a lot on Youtube. Channels lượt thích PolyMatter or Alux amass millions of subscribers with this concept, however to pull it off you’ll need flawless audio unique, so make sure to do your homework on that end.”

A docuseries wouldn’t be complete without lower thirds to lớn introduce the people within the real life story! Try these customisable Lower Thirds by _markon_, which are made up of trăng tròn different designs to add a clean & modern look to any docuseries.

And that does it for our 2021 YouTube trends! For more social and multitruyền thông media inspiration, kiểm tra out our Video Trends & Social Media Trends predicted for the year ahead.